Chris Pratt Gives Video Tour of Guardians of the Galaxy Milano Ship

Chris Pratt Gives Video Tour of Guardians of the Galaxy Milano Ship

Get an up-close look at the interior of the Milano, MTV Cribs style.

It's no secret by now that Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy is a hit both commercially and critically -- so much so that Marvel has already announced a sequel for June 28, 2017. If you've already watched the sci-fi superhero film and can't get enough, then you might want to check this video out of Star-Lord himself giving us tour of his ship, the Milano, from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Fittingly starting out like an episode of MTV Cribs, Pratt shows us the ship's control deck, captain's cabin and even Quill's bedroom, which is where "the magic happens" says Pratt. Housed near his bed is the tape deck, which, if you've seen the movie, is used quite a bit. The tour ends with typical Star-Lord fashion with Pratt telling the viewers, "you've seen my flight deck, you've seen my bunk, you saw my cars and you saw garage, now get the fuck out."

If you liked that, make sure you check out this video of Pratt showcasing some amazing hip-hop chops. Or go read up on how a cinema showed the wrong Guardians film to the same audience three straight times.

Which Guardians of the Galaxy crib do you want to see next? I wouldn't say no to Rocket Raccoon's lair; with his tech knowledge, it should be one sweet place.

Source: Marvel (YouTube) via Collider


The screens in the cockpit are pretty impressive. I would of expected all that to be added in, via post production via green screens or what have you. Very cool and shows just how much money marvel have to toss around these days.

I suspect Rocket's lair would be fitting for an episode of "Hoarders". Items in his hoard might include a prosthetic leg and a cybernetic eye implant.


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