Arrested Development Confirmed for Fifth Season

Arrested Development Confirmed for Fifth Season

Will Arnett has confirmed earlier speculations that Arrested Development would be back for a new season.

Last week Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos briefly mentioned in an interview he was positive another season of Arrested Development would be on the horizon. Will Arnett went on The Tonight Show to officially confirm that sentiment.

On Friday night Will Arnett guest-starred on The Tonight Show and Jimmy Fallon made sure his first question was about Sarandos' statements regarding the show's return. After a dramatic drum roll Arnett nodded and confirmed that "yes!," Arrested Development was coming back for a fifth season. No further details were provided, "It's gonna happen. We don't when but it is gonna happen."

Netflix procured the exclusive streaming rights for Arrested Development in 2011 and premiered season four last spring. There's been constant speculation in the mean time whether or not we'd get a new season or a movie next. Due to numerous conflicting time schedules, the fourth season was shot in a distinctive character-focused format that vastly differed from previous seasons. Given Sarandos' and Arnett's statements, that may be the case for season five. Either way it seems the show's revival was received well enough to warrant more of the Bluth family.

There's always money in the banana stand.

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I'd say I'm excited, but Netflix ruined the show. After they rebooted the show, all of the original humor seemed to have disappeared. I hated the individual focus on one family member. Ruined the show for me. I really hope they go back to the original, but from the sound of things, they won't be.

I was happy with Season 4, I think it did the series justice and the change in format worked for telling the story from a perspective frame. I liked it a lot and can't wait for this and OITNB Season 3. Binge-watching forever!!!

I am a huge fan of the show. I consider it a masterpiece. But that 4th Season was painful to get through.

The cast has aged stiff, coarse and bloated. David Cross looked and sounded terrible, others didn't fare that much better with raspy voices and forced grimacing. The writing wasn't as incisive nor witty, it was convoluted and stale, relying on cameos and the quirkiness of second or third tier character for the jokes. Also, having a sort of scavenger's hunt, broken-beat rhythm with this greatest ensemble cast, famous for their snappy interplay, scattered and unfocused over too many uninteresting subplots took a big drain on the show's dynamic.

I'm hoping the very forgettable and sub-par Season 4 was a product of atrophy, rather than of waning wits. I'm hoping season 5 brings back the fun.

I have struggled to find anything I enjoy about this show. I like all the actors in other works, and people I know that have the same general sense of humor as I do love it.

I just don't like it, and never will. Just like Friends, The Office, Modern Family, Everybody Loves Raymond, Fraiser, and ESPECIALLY Seinfeld. Lest you think I'm into purely juvenile humor or some such, I don't like Family Guy, or 2 1/2 Men either.

I like a couple shows currently airing though, like 2 Broke Girls and Bob's Burgers. There are several that have their moments but are generally not appealing like Big Bang Theory. I only really like Amy and Bernadette :/

I also still like The Simpsons so I'm in the minority I guess.

I enjoyed bits and pieces of season 4, but it felt extremely dragged out. I binged through the first three seasons just before starting into season 4 and it was like hitting a brick wall with the pacing. From what I understand they had a hard time getting the cast together at times with season four so I have to hope that isn't a continued issue with season five.

Wow, I can't believe how many of you are down on the 4th season. I just rewatched it last week, and loved it! So many gags or random occurrences were from another family member who had just passed by that area in another episode. Keeping track of all of that while writing must have been mind-boggling.

The only thing I didn't love about it is that it ended rather abruptly. I chalk that up to the whole season being a decade of recap for each of the family members, because it's been so long since we followed any of them. Instead of just saying "yeah, they were around. We can hint at some back story later," they went all-out and wrote out and filmed everything of note they did in that time.

Season 4 was hit or miss. There were honestly a lot of really funny, clever gags in the episode (Tobias I felt was just fine, despite the heavy emphasis on his "Thing" costume), but I do agree that splitting everyone up only to create a puzzle of a season was more trouble than it was worth.

I admit too that, going from Seasons 1-3 to 4 was a bit jarring, as a lot of the cast has not aged very gracefully, yet you expected them to jump right back into their roles from years ago without missing a beat, despite the fact they themselves have been out of practice for awhile.

Mostly, you just need the cast together, to rebound off of each other. For being an exciting and surprising 4th season, it was a very isolated experience watching the cast stumble around bumping into each other for a few seconds at a time before going off on their own adventures.

But will it be in chronological order? Trying to separate episodes by character led to significantly reduced interaction between them, and was ultimately really detrimental to what makes this show great in the first place. That storytelling style might work for another show, but these characters need to share screentime, not just to have it.

P.S. Thanks

I'd say I'm excited, but Netflix ruined the show. After they rebooted the show, all of the original humor seemed to have disappeared. I hated the individual focus on one family member. Ruined the show for me. I really hope they go back to the original, but from the sound of things, they won't be.

Oh man, yeah. We really hated the reboot season. It must have been so terrible due to the limited availability of the actors. That's my only guess. Whoever decided to format the show in that way is awful unless there was some kind of limitation.

I still haven't been able to sit through the 4th season. That new format just kills me and I can't make it more than 1/2 way through the season. When they do this 5th season I really hope they can fix whatever constraints made them go through the single character episodes.

I enjoyed Netflix's season, but I think they were better off with a "straight man"; now, every character seems to be various levels and shades of a jerk. It's still funny, but it doesn't have the undercurrent of sympathy.

I'll happily watch another season, though.

Cool, season 4 was awesome so this should likely be awesome as well. Weren't they planning on making a movie too? I thought the plan was season 4, then movie? I guess Netflix had other ideas.


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