Cannibal Movie The Green Inferno No Longer Slated for September

Cannibal Movie The Green Inferno No Longer Slated for September

Open Road Films no longer premiering The Green Inferno on September 5th.

The Green Inferno, a movie directed by Eli Roth, has just been pulled from its intended September 5th release date. Open Road Films made the decision to push back the release just three weeks before the movie was meant to hit theaters.

Showbiz411 states that "they just don't have the money to pay for the release." This coincides with recent reports that Worldview Entertainment, the company financing the movie, has been suffering from financial woes. CEO Christopher Woodrow was forced to step down in June for alleged personal misconduct.

Eli Roth took to Twitter to inform his fans they're working diligently to get the movie back on track.

Roth is a director best known for his horror movie series Hostel and Cabin Fever. His latest project The Green Inferno depicts the struggles a group of student activists go through after crash landing in the middle of the Amazon jungle and encountering a cannibal tribe. It's inspired by the Italian cannibal film Cannibal Holocaust.

Source: IGN


Well, Cannibal Apocalypse was about 30 years ago. I guess it's time for a terrible remake.

The reason that they won't get completion on it is probably because it looks ridiculous and terrible and was put at the bottom of the list. At least Cannibal Holocaust for all it's problems actually contributed some new ideas. Some derivative film about white man's fear of places without plumbing/torture porn is not going to set the world on fire. I can't wait to see the fervour this film is going to kick up with over sensitive idiots.

The less Eli Roth in theaters, the better, I say. Not a fan at all.

And did we really need more Cannibal Holocaust? I get the feeling we really didn't need more Cannibal Holocaust. Is there going to be a penis-chopping scene in this one? There's going to be a penis-chopping scene in this one, isn't there? ;___;

Not that I love torture films all that much, I do enjoy watching because it's interesting to see just how twisted some people are with these things. I also like to think about how much fun the special effects team must be having creating these over-the-top gruesome scenes.

Oh I really loved Hostel. Before it came out, I was always thinking "Why has nobody had the idea, to combine American Pie and Men behind the sun ?". At the time, the slaughter started, you already despised the little a-holes in the lead-roles so much, that you didn´t pity them for one second.But the rise of torture porn, made it so much easier for me, to pick up DVDs. When the case reads "If you liked Hostel and Saw....." I don´t even bother to read the synopsis on the backside.

If you want to see hardcore horror done right, with real acting look out for the french movie "Martyrs".

Everyone mentioning Cannibal Holocaust, obviously Eli Roth loved that movie (the creator has a cameo in one of Eli's films) and obviously it inspired this in particular, but there were a bunch of those movies it's not the only one. Hell, based on the trailer you can tell that themes at play are quite different.

Student activists getting munched on by cannibals? Sign me up! I've had it up to here with those smarmy little twits, so have at 'em, cannibals.


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