Coming Soon To WoW's World's End Tavern: Robin Williams - Update

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Along with games, Williams was also quite a big anime fan, citing Ghost in the Shell, Akira, Evangelion and Cowboy Bebop as his favorites.

We get it, he was a human being who enjoyed media. FFS. What next? You're going to idolize over the food he liked?

celebrity culture should just go and die.

60+ year old people aren't widely known for being into the subcultures of gaming and anime, so I thought it was noteworthy.

Regardless, I will hunt down the miscreant who pissed in your cornflakes this morning - with vengeance!

They named a tavern the "World's End?"

I'm thinking one of the Conclave of the Wind's models would be the best tribute. They look suitably like genies and would be one of his most iconic appearances.

Called it.

Then again, a bit case of "wait and see".

To be honest I was kinda hoping Blizzard would use one of the characters he actually played, on his server, as the model. It wouldn't have been as instantly recognizable, but it would show him as he wanted to be seen in Warcraft, which would have been a kind tribute. But failing that, sure, the genie's good.

He was a fan of Half Life? Now I feel even more sorry for him; he'll never get to play Half Life 3.

But then again... who will :)

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