The Walking Dead's Season 2 Finale Trailer Brings All the Feels

The Walking Dead's Season 2 Finale Trailer Brings All the Feels

Telltale Games releases a trailer for The Walking Dead: Season 2's episode five "No Going Back" with never before seen footage from season 1.

The latest trailer for the final episode for season two of The Walking Dead has just been released, and it brings with it 5 minutes worth of feels.

The trailer does a wonderful job of recapping all previous episodes up to this point--so spoiler alert for the game thus far--showcasing Clementine's progression with Lee and on her own. The episode is named "No Going Back," and subtitled with the question "Who will you become?"

The season 2 finale of Telltale's The Walking Dead is set to release August 26th on PlayStation 3 and PS Vita (North America) and Steam (PC and Mac). The game will release on Xbox 360 and PlayStation's European territories the following day, August 27th. Finally on August 28th it will be available in the iOS app store. The episode is priced at $4.99.

To catch up on season 2 make sure to read The Escapist's reviews of the episodes: 'All That Remains', 'A House Divided', 'In Harm's Way', and 'Amid The Ruins'.


Well damn if that doesn't just hype you right the fuck up.

Episode 4 was the best one so far, so I'm hoping the finale can be just as memorable as season one's.

Who are these people and what have they done with Telltale? I was expecting to have to wait months for the next episode and it's coming out next week! Madness.

Oh thank god. I was so worried this wasn't going to drop until after I left for basic. The wait might have actually killed me.

I was actually about to cry while watching this trailer.

Oh god my feels...

I'm not ready for this XD

The last finale made me weep like a little girl.

After Episode 4, I'm hoping this one feels more like I have control over things.

I liked the story of Amid The Ruins for the most part, but I feel like even the big choices of the episode had no impact. Hell, even the choice at the end of episode 3 (which seemed huge at the moment) basically just changed why Kenny was yelling at you at the beginning.

Even so, I still enjoy Telltale's games, and if this finale is anything like the first season's, I am prepared to cry like a baby once more.

Oh... wow...

That was certainly unexpected. I cannot wait to see how Episode 5 plays out and what happens to everyone in the process.

What? It's already coming out? Didn't the last one just come out in June?

Well, I think I know what Steam Game I'm getting for my Birthday now.

That was a nice trailer too. Now I feel really bad for Clem...

I think we are going to have to choose between keeping the baby, leaving it or shooting it...

Ok...ok...deep breath....prepare to go through all the feels'll be ok....

Why do you do this to us Telltale! I already about to start crying!

I'll admit that I've been disappointed in this season, and don't think it is quite on the same level as Season 1, but I'm still looking forward to this nonetheless. I imagine that they'll finish off quite strong, like last season.

Remember, bring tissues for when you play, people.

Who are these people and what have they done with Telltale? I was expecting to have to wait months for the next episode and it's coming out next week! Madness.

They finished The Wolf Among Us, so I imagine thats why its dropping early.

I cannot wait !

Its coming out quickly.

Now just make the wolf among us season 2 !

I cried at the end of the last one, I can't wait to cry for this one.

I love the contrast showing how Clementine was versus how she is now. Some of the best character development is all of gaming is happening in this series.

If I had too pick one word for how I feel Season 2 has gone so far in my opinion, it'd be "Meandering".
I don't feel like it's -ready- for a conclusion, it hasn't built up too one in my view.

I straight up cried during that trailer. Showing the entirety of everything that changed Clem from where she was in season 1 to where she's going to in season 2? The feels were too strong for me and tears came man. My girlfriend judged me for it, but she's a terrible heathen that hasn't played the games yet, so I ignored her.

The very last bit with Clem and her babysitter and the raccoon was just too much though. Seeing that bright smiling girl. A girl who didn't have to worry about food, about walkers, about crazy fucks tryin to murder her and her friends. Seeing how happy she is when her parents say they'll be home in a few days, and seeing she has no clue what horrible future she has waiting for her? It broke me a little. Hell, I'm getting teary eyed just thinking about it.



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