T-Mobile Offers Unlimited LTE Data to Any User Who Refers a Friend

T-Mobile Offers Unlimited LTE Data to Any User Who Refers a Friend

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Both the existing customer and the new referral would get unlimited LTE data for one full year.

With Sprint/Softbank no longer in the mix to buy T-Mobile (while other interested parties lie in wait), Big Pink is launching a fresh initiative to pad its subscriber base.

Anyone who is currently a T-Mobile Simple Choice customer can, for a limited time, refer a friend from Sprint, Verizon, or AT&T to the same service. Once the new user is ported over to T-Mobile, and the referral process has been completed (within 30 days of the switch), both the new arrival and the original customer get one full year of unlimited LTE data service.

T-Mobile customers who already have unlimited data aren't being left out of the promotion, either, as they would instead receive a $10/month credit on their bill for the same 12-month period.

While the promotion is open to anyone coming from Sprint, Verizon, or AT&T, the move is squarely targeted at existing Sprint customers. The latter recently rolled out a new famiy data plan -- 20 GB for $100/month -- but the fresh offer is not available to existing Sprint subscribers.

Family plan aside, Sprint is also offering a new unlimited everything plan for individuals at $60/month.

Signing up for the cheapest T-Mo Simple Choice plan ($50/month; unlimited data, but only 1 GB at LTE speed) with a referral would net you unlimited 4G LTE data for a year, at about $600 total. Good? Bad? Dicey? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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Devin Connors:
Good? Bad? Dicey? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Severely overpriced dataplans with tricks of offering features that should be part of basic package only to people who recruit others into this trap.

Still, at least some competition is finally seen, so i guess baby steps.

T-Mobile can go fuck itself with a cactus. It received funds from the German government. Instead of extending the German internet infrastructure, it used this money to try to get a hold in the USA. This lead to huge parts of Germany having no better Internet than in the 90's. They then started offering LTE as an alternative to DSL, as a compensation for their fuckup with the infrastructure. But for incredibly high prices (almost double the costs of normal DSL or Internet via cable). And you get only 10GB per month before they choke you back to UMTS speed. You can hardly read eMails (or image and video heavy websites like The Escapist) with this speed. They are currently getting new funds from our government to expand the internet infrastructure in Germany once again. And I bet, that they will fuck it up again.

TL;DR: Don't trust those fuckers, they are as bad as any other internet or mobile company. Even worse.


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