Slay Vampires, Go Insane with Pelgrane's Musical Bundle of Holding

Slay Vampires, Go Insane with Pelgrane's Musical Bundle of Holding

This offer expires Monday, so if you've ever wanted all of ENnie-nominated James Semple's music in one bundle, now's the time.

Pelgrane Press has been working with ENnie-nominated musician James Semple to create atmospheric music for your gaming table, and now if you want six dozen tracks to drive your players insane, it's up for grabs in the latest Bundle of Holding. Do you love exploring the Ashen Stars? Maybe you prefer uncovering secrets man was not meant to know (Trail of Cthulhu), or sending your crack team of spies out to slay vampires in Night's Black Agents. Whatever your GUMSHOE music needs, Semple has it covered.

A small donation of $4.95 gets you the Ashen Stars and Esoterrorist music, 13 tracks in all. If you go above the $14.27 threshold you'll get all 58 tracks, including everything in the Eternal Lies Suite - Wil Wheaton narration included - and the nineteen Night's Black Agents superspy soundtracks.

A chunk of the payment is split between two international charities, and the Global Fund for Women. If this Bundle appeals to you head over here, but better do it quick; by Monday, it will all be just another evil dream.


I am getting kind of sick of Wil Wheaton narrating all the cool audiobooks I want to buy and/or kickstart.

Awesome stuff, it really does remind me of my days spent compulsively collecting sourcebooks on the cheap, along with whatever fitting soundtrack I could find.


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