Chinese Researchers Working on Supersonic Submarines

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albino boo:

Machine Man 1992:

I never said my idea was flawless, but there has to be someway you can see where you're going, even if you have to navigate by satellite.

Satellite signals can't penetrate the water.

Well damn. I'm out of ideas.

I guess they'll have to settle for, "Go in a straight line and hope nothing is between A and B"

I'm having visions of structural damage taking place mid-experiment, a terrible case of the steering going out of whack. This could be awesome, not disastrous, but I have the feeling something will go wrong with this and that we'll be down a crew of Chinese naval officers.

Same old response to every new technology, everyone will call it stupid until you make it work. So let's see if you can make it work and then we can talk about the implications.

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