Most Epic Road Trip of All Time and Other Clickbait Novel Titles

Most Epic Road Trip of All Time and Other Clickbait Novel Titles

My favorite: What If Twilight Featured Normal Looking People? But alas ...

Clickbait is something we've all learned to live with; the internet's infested with the stuff, it's like kudzu. One fella over at Hootsuite decided to have a little fun and imagine what life would be like if classic novels took the clickbait approach. He compiled a list, and made covers for some, but not all. Enjoy!

Alas my personal favorite, What If Twilight Featured Normal Looking People?, also known as Dracula, doesn't get a cover. I guess I can live with the pain. It's a brilliant novel, but doesn't have one iconic cover. Still, Brave New World, clickbaited? There's whole layers of irony hiding in there.

Among the other also-rans: Is This Where The NSA Got All Its Ideas? (1984, and yes), Watch This Guy's Science Experiment Go Horribly Wrong (Frankenstein), and How Not To End A Relationship (Romeo and Juliet). I'd pay good money to see that last one performed.

Source: Hootsuite


I would love nothing more than to see Clickbait die in a fire somewhere. Half the time, the stories they promise we won't believe or will move us to tears are pretty predictable or bland anyway. Kind of presumptive arn't they.


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