IKEA Unveils Cutting-Edge BookBook Technology to Rival Apple

IKEA Unveils Cutting-Edge BookBook Technology to Rival Apple

Ikea BookBook catalogue

IKEA spoofs Apple iPad in new catalog video.

Apple may be unveiling the iPhone 6 at a scheduled Apple media event on September 9, but IKEA has preempted that announced with something even bigger: the bookbook. At only 8mm thin and weighing less than 400g, the bookbook is a wireless device with an eternal battery life, a tactile touch interface, instantaneous page loading, easy bookmarking, and it's being given away completely free. Check out the reveal video for yourself:

In fewer than 24 hours, the video has already surpassed 1.5 million views, and the overwhelming reception to the gag has been positive. I'll admit - for the first dozen seconds, they had me. I felt my stomach churning as the inspirational piano melody accompanied the vacuous and pompous marketing stock phrase, "Once in a while, something comes along that changes the way we live." But once I realized it was a parody, the video had me grinning. Well played, IKEA. Well played.

The 2015 IKEA catalog bookbook video was produced by a company in Singapore called BBH, a spokesperson told The Escapist, and was intended as a satire/homage to Apple "done in a really cute way." Homage isn't the word I would use - loving mockery, perhaps - but what especially resonated with me is how easily this video could substitute for an endorsement of the book over a digital reading device. In our increasingly paperless world, there's something charming about the feel of a physical book. As the convenience of digital devices continues to replace them, I don't think books will ever truly be phased out, but they may have to find a new place in the market as items of prestige.


I can not stop laughing at how funny this is. I love when companies makes brilliant ads like this.

It'll never catch on. You just watch; this flash-in-the-pan's days are numbered.

Those bastards, they stole my idea! They'll be hearing from my army of flying monkeys lawyers!


When you said no need for charging, I honestly thought that maybe it was charged by the heat emanating from your hands as you held it. <.<

At any rate, they had me going for a while. Great job.

The title spoiled it for me.

"BookBook? Oh, so like a regular book then?"

Love it. The inspiring music, the bland background, the "oh-so-earnest" amazement at the technology. I actually already got my bookbook in the mail, believe it or not. Not sure I'll keep it, though.

Love it. The inspiring music, the bland background, the "oh-so-earnest" amazement at the technology. I actually already got my bookbook in the mail, believe it or not. Not sure I'll keep it, though.

The bookbook is 100% recyclable!

it was the "tm" at the end that got me, perfect finish.

brilliantly done, put a smile on my face and made me crave meatballs..... damn you IKEA!

I'm not 100% sold on this concept. There's no actual free content available from the start, and everything you can get is a purchase from one of their many app stores. After you've either narrowly avoided or succumbed to a side-purchase of meatballs, you've then got to then download it to your home and build it yourself. The single tool Development Kit that they bundle with each purchase is a nice touch though.

Hmm.. the search feature seems a little lacking, though. Don't think it has OCR enabled. Interesting idea, though. Color me intrigued. Wonder how far this tech will go.

Oh man. This is absolutely classic. Awesome. IKEA, you make some fucked up furniture (but damn the instruction manuals are spot on), but this commercial makes me respect them more. You Swedish folk are strange but cool, and I'm glad to know that you folk are part of my ancestry.

Imagine if all the other technologies I used on a day-to-day basis had that same low latency! We surely live in amazing times to see this new and astounding tech rise in prominence.

What's next, Apple rediscovering the power of clay and small chisels for the next generation of iPads? Of course, by then, they'll just call them Pads. Or, you know, clay tablets.

"The Pad supports all languages and all typesets right out of the box, but we at Apple have a clear preference for Sumerian Cuneiform. It worked wonders for Sargon of Akkad, it'll work wonders for you! To refresh your Pad, just go to any Arts and Crafts store in your neighbourhood, pick up a chunk of clay on the cheap, and fashion it into a new Pad. Done with the old one? Just break it and toss it in your compost heap! It's biodegradable and guaranteed to mess with future archeologists from the distant space-future who will then wonder why Sumerian Cuneiform was still being used in the Post-Miley Cyrus-Twerk Era.

Use the Pad for your everyday clerical tasks, such as sheep-counting or to inscribe sacred healing rituals. All Apps work on the Pad, regardless of the generation, using the state-of-the-art processor of Imagination! Draw Angry Birds, and never miss these dastardly pigs again! No longer lose hours on stupid Hidden Object games, or simply neglect to manually refresh your Moves Counter on Candy Crush: Delusion Edition! Endless hours of free gameplay, with no possible or potential legal repercussions for having circumvented the App's coding! It's like cheating at Chess when your opponent's not at the table! Piracy becomes a non-issue with the Pad! To save an App's state or elevate your spreadsheet to the status of Archeological Marvel, simply bake your Pad!"

Jailbreaking your Pad would mean using your base clay to make pottery, instead. DOWN WITH THE CLAY SYSTEM!

My favourite feature is that its backwards compatible with previous versions of oculus rift.


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