Harmonix is Making a Music Visualizer for the Samsung Galaxy Gear VR

Harmonix is Making a Music Visualizer for the Samsung Galaxy Gear VR

Samsung Galaxy Gear VR John Carmack VR 310x

Alter your state of mind, load up some Major Lazer, and enjoy the ride!

Virtual reality is going to do some things incredibly well, and altering audio experiences could very well be one of them. Harmonix seems to agree, as they're one of the first major developers to announce a project for Samsung's forthcoming Galaxy Gear VR headset.

Harmonix Music VR is a callback to the likes of WinAmp and Windows Media Player features of old -- turning your collection of 311, Bob Marley, and Electro-Funk into vibrant visual eyeball festivals.

The software is a "fully immersive, music-driven dreamscape," that's built on the Harmonix Music Analysis Engine. The same engine was used in Harmonix's recent Android and iOS offering, Record Run.

No screenshots and such have been posted just yet, but Harmonix Music VR will be available when the Oculus-designed Samsung Galaxy Gear VR launches later this year. Mind altering substances are not included.

Source: Harmonix PR


Well, I like Harmonix. If I ever decide I really want to look stupid while enjoying some tunes, I'll try it out.


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