Welcome to the Asylum 2014, UK Steampunk Cosplay Awaits!

Welcome to the Asylum 2014, UK Steampunk Cosplay Awaits!

It's the biggest Steampunk festival in Europe, and boy does it look fun!

Welcome to the biggest Steampunk festival in Europe, Weekend at the Asylum 2014, held in historic Lincoln, UK. What's your pleasure? Art, comedy, music, literature ... cosplay, perhaps? Have a look at the festival attendees in all their glory; maybe you'll make it up there yourself for 2015.

This is an annual event, in its sixth year, run by the Victorian Steampunk Society, a not-for-profit that manages to stay afloat entirely on ticket sales. It also makes time for a little charity, as with its infamous Illicit Market, where sinister vendors meet with desperate buyers to exchange cash for goods, and pies; anyone caught by the Authorities has to pay a fine, proceeds going to good causes.

The main event's at the Lawn, a former Victorian asylum, but the festival itself is spread all over Lincoln, and where you end up depends on what you want to enjoy. Wacky Races your thing? Head over to the Castle, but if you're more interested in Tea Duelling, better make for the Assembly Rooms. If you're the sedate type who prefers tabletop gaming then off to the pub with you, for the gaming room's upstairs at Widow Cullen's Well. Fancy a bit of burlesque? Just don't tell the Major ...

If this looks like something you'd enjoy, better get your costume together now; Weekend at the Asylum's becoming more popular every year!

Source: Weekend at the Asylum
Image Sources: Guardian, Facebook


Nr 6 and 8 look awesome. I envy their DIY skills.
Nr 7 could have used another colored top hat and 9 could stand to lose the face. The rest of their outfits are very good.

Trying to say that I respect their skills and commitment to a sci-fantasy alt-history was more difficult than I thought.
Anyway, it gladdens me that people find joy and gather toghether to celebrate imagination.

You cover this but not the Chap Olympiad. I'm ashamed of the Escapist

The entire staff should be forced to watch this on daily basis until they know better


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