Silent Hills Concept Trailer: You May Never Sleep Again

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So a not scary trailer which doesn't remotely look like any of the Silent Hill games thus far? Then why call it Silent Hill(s)?

Granted I've not been scared by any of the Silent Hill games but still. Looks like they're focusing on worms and corpses and other, not subtle things.

Note that this is a P.T. concept video, and not even a Silent Hills concept video. The game could look entirely different from what we've seen here for all we know. And there's probably been put a lot more thought into it than just throwing bullshit at the viewer.
There's this tiny nod to the previous games before the door flies into the opposite wall - slowly rotating fans just before the character enters the otherworld. And the door through which the ball rolls says "Mrs. Angela's Class". So maybe this is tied to Silent Hill 2? Could be just an easter egg, though.

And am I the only one who noticed the blatant Destructoid product placement, btw? Har har...

Anyway, still looking forward to this.

So...I'm seeing bugs as a theme here. To be honest, I'm not completely secure with a first-person Silent Hill. Then again, I don't care for the series, but looking at it like a critic is different. I didn't see any story in the trailer which is, again, not a SH custom. I don't quite feel as if Kojima and Del Toro have grasped the concept of the series. It could be a good horror game, sure. But it's not looking like an SH game to me.


That, too, I'm uncertain about. I often hear the example of "Schadenfreude" being used, but isn't that adequately described by "gloating"?

Gloating is not quite right. Schadenfreude is taking pleasure in the misfortune of someone else. Gloating would be something you do when you beat someone at something, say a fighting game. Schadenfreude would be more like being happy when you see someone who was pulled over by the police and are getting a speeding ticket. It could be entirely justified schadenfreude, say that car nearly cut you off as it sped away up the freeway, so seeing the driver get their just desserts is satisfying.

As for the trailer, I'm not a huge Silent Hill fan, so I don't really notice whether this is in line with previous games or not. I have only played the second game and it was okay. I don't really remember much from it since it was so long ago. For the most part, I was just wondering what the hell was going on, as I hadn't played the first one. My cousin, who had rented it, said that it didn't matter and from everything I have heard since, it really didn't. I just don't remember really feeling scared or anything by it though as the monsters wandering around really didn't pose any threat, as you could just beat them down and then walk away. By the end, I still didn't feel like I had any idea about what was going on, so I was rather unimpressed by the whole thing.

Maybe I can give it another go one of these days, as SH2 is considered quite the classic by many. Similar to Bioshock, though that is another game that I've just never managed to get through as I would get bored.

Ehhh...this particular trailer is too out there to scare me. Bugs writhing in the walls and a giant grabby-hand? Sure, that would be terrifying, but it's not actually possible. Although I couldn't play P.T. (don't have a PS4 yet) and get the full effect from it, I did watch a few Let's Plays and it was genuinely disturbing, uncomfortable and yes, a little scary at points, which is a lot more than I can say for this. Though if I were a lot younger, it probably would've made me cry. :P

I'm still kind of intrigued, but at this point I wouldn't consider buying the game or anything. This is a "wait and see what happens" deal.


The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus plays the title role, but we don't see him here...

Unless Reedus is playing the role of Silent Hill(s), he's probably just the protagonist. A title role would be playing Macbeth, Hamlet or Howard the Duck.
Also, I think there is a pretty good chance I will shit my pants while playing this.

Heh, I kind of laughed when it reminded me of this:

A much scarier scene! Seriously though, I'm curious to see where this goes. They are paying it more attention, but the whole AAA blowout thing doesn't fit Silent Hill. I'll stay cautiously optimistic, but none of the imagery was particularly disturbing.

And to be fair, Silent Hill 3 didn't exactly have a great trailer either. "Happy birthday to youuuuuu!" Cue submachine guns.

Michael Tabbut:

No Norman Reedus? That may be a good thing...I was worried they'd try to play up the celebrity role early on for a little publicity.

The trailer felt a little bit like an amusement ride, but geez, was it eerie and unsettling. I have to lump my opinion with the others and say this felt a bit too crowded for Silent Hill.

Also: drr drr drr...

How much you wanna bet Junji Ito has involvement.

OT. Okay the Playable Teaser piqued my interest, this got my full attention. I'm liking the atmosphere and literally jumped at that giant arm-thing. I really hope this game delivers, this will be what gets me to buy a PS4 or XBone.

Actually I heard a rumour that after a meeting with him, Kojima asked Ito to be a consultant on the art and design. Could be wrong but if that was the case, my hopes went up a little more.

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