Feng Shui 2 Brings Hong Kong Action Back to Tabletops

Feng Shui 2 Brings Hong Kong Action Back to Tabletops

Feng Shui 2, the sequel to Robin D. Laws' Hong Kong Cinema RPG, is already tearing through Kickstarter stretch goals.

When it comes to action movie-style roleplaying, Feng Shui is very fondly remembered. Set in a Hong Kong cinema-inspired world, the game emphasized quick-flowing, action-packed combat, whether casting spells, leaping on moving vehicles, or running across walls while firing dual pistols. The original book was a critically acclaimed success, so now Atlas Games and creator Robin D. Laws are turning to Kickstarter to produce a brand new edition: Feng Shui 2.

The original Feng Shui was a mish-mash of action movie concepts, allowing characters to use martial arts, firearms, magic, genetic manipulations, futuristic tech, or combinations of the above. Its default setting also placed a heavy emphasis on time travel, as various groups fought a Secret War to control powerful Feng Shui sites across history. Combat is meant to be fast and furious, allowing the GM and player improvise creative details and stunts during encounters.

Unlike some Kickstarter projects, Feng Shui 2 is pretty far along in development. It's already in its final playtesting stage, while the manuscript is going through the editing process. This Kickstarter will instead allow Atlas Games to publish a more detailed final product, using stretch goals to unlock additional classes and bonuses that normally wouldn't be available otherwise.

Feng Shui 2 will likely be successful on that score, considering that it achieved its initial fundraising goal in a mere 20 minutes. The Feng Shui 2 Kickstarter runs until Oct. 17, and is expected to launch in Aug. 2015. In the meantime, the Feng Shui 2 playtest documents and classic edition supplements will be made available to backers.

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They made a card game based on this, right? I think I remember the chain of events being that I played the card game, found out it was originally an RPG, bought the RPG, enjoyed it, couldn't find anyone to game with.

The original Feng Shui was one of the best RPG systems I ever found for "throw together some characters and play out a quick-and-dirty scenario in one night" gaming.

"You're the secret agent. You're the scrappy kid. You're the martial-artist cop. There's a blimp full of terrorists planning to drop nerve gas on the city if their demands aren't met, and the regular authorities are paralyzed. Go."

I might have to give this some money.

Ah, Feng Shui. jokingly called 'Big Trouble in Little China: the role playing game' around the FLGS. Not that there was anything wrong with that. We had great fun with it. showed who was creative, and who wasn't.

Player 1: I shoot him.
DM: ok...you're...just shooting him? not doing anything flashy?
Player 1: I shoot him and yell (censored)!
DM and other players: ...
DM: Ok, you get a -2 to your gunplay skill for being uncreative.

Player 2: Ok, I'm going to get a bunch of apples from the fruit vendor cart near me, and juggle them a little, then throw them one by one at the big guy with the sword. I'm going to follow up the last one by running to the side and doing a high kick to the side of his head while he's busy chopping fresh produce.
DM: Well, you really deserve a +2 for that!


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