Blizzard Cancels Ambitious Titan MMO After Seven Years

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Unfortunately it's our loss, People are being fed the idea of Free to play but that's a bad road for all gamers

I think both sub and F2P are bad models for gamers as a whole, games as service as a whole is terrible for consumers as publishers use it to break products into ever smaller chunks and demand continuous payment to keep the trickle effect going.

Whether it's subscription or F2P the effect (and the implicit threat of killing the game if you don't collectively pay enough) is the same.

Man, that's even more disappointing than what happened to Starcraft: Ghost. At least we got some idea of what that would've been like had it been released (and Titan was a new IP on top of that.)

Don't suppose anyone here is secretly a Blizzard employee with Alpha pictures and a willingness to sate my curiosity?

While it's sad to hear it won't release, I can't help but give three cheers to them having the nuts to take a step back, conclude the whole thing is shite, and pull the plug on god knows how many millions they've sunk into it.

We've enough mind-numbingly mediocre games the developer obviously didn't care about to go around.

Umm, had anyone but Blizzard ever actually seen Titan? Let alone referred to it as ambitious? Because a developer calling something ambitious doesn't make it so.

Though I guess you could argue that trying to follow up the success of WoW is certainly ambitious.

No great loss though. The world doesn't need yet another shitty MMO.

Coming from anyone but Blizzard I'd indeed take it with a sack of salt, but love em or hate them, they are ambitious, if not always innovative.

Maybe they realised that they themselves were the only ones capable of creating the fabled "WoW killer", and they didn't want to kill their own game just yet.

But in any case I'm kind of glad because Hearthstone is pretty damn enjoyable (and free), and Heroes of the Storm looks pretty good too, and has received some big praise, so smaller games is maybe where they can really shine in today's market.

Blizzard moved their best Raid and Dungeon designer to this Titan project and now it's cancelled. I might give WoW another chance if they reinstate Jeff Kaplan as lead designer, we might get some decent raids again.

i wish they had at least showed us what they were working on, you disappoint me blizzard


Even so this is a bit of surprise, if they were prepared to just bin it then Titan must have been a hell of a long way from anything functional even after seven years.

I don't see what's stopping them from using the work and assets they have now in other projects.

Maybe even take the stuff they have and publish it under a different name, as a different project, and as non-MMO.

First of all, nothing will dethrone WoW any time soon, and that's because WoW is a cultural phenomenon, a game that was at the right place at the right time. It was backed by a venerable and popular gaming franchise, it was done by (then) one of the best dev studios out there, it did a great job a streamlining the normally unwelcoming MMORPG genre and it came around just as a broader audience was starting to get curious about this whole MMO thing. This gave it the initial momentum that allowed it to snowball (wanna try one of those MMO things? why not WoW? everyone else is playing it). It was a perfect storm of events and it's highly unlikely it'll happen again in te near future.

That being said, I don't give 2 shits about Titan. No real details were released, nothing concrete was known about the game, I can't really feel bad for it being canned when for all I know it was a Douche Enema Simulator. What am fairly sure is that it siphoned resources and team members away from WoW and the game suffered as a result. The decline in quality seen with Cataclysm and Mists, as well as the insultingly long drought of content at the ass end of Mists are likely consequences of that. Now they are rushing to get Warlords out ASAP, and that will likely result in cut corners (well, it already has) which will undermine what seems to be the most promising WoW expansion since Wrath.

All in all, I'm not sad to see Titan go, and I hope that this allows Blizz to free up resources to revive WoW, as well as devote more to its other projects. I find it telling that the most popular thing Blizz has put out in recent years is a newbie-friendly CCG that started as a joke sideproject...

I am ok with that! Specially cause when I heard about it I was pissed thinking they wouldn't focus on WoW anymore and focus on Titan.
I am a Blizzard fanboy love all their products.
But what I would like to see them do in the future is:

1. Focus on WoW.
2. Remaster the warcraft RTS series
4, New IPs!!!!!!!!!!!

This whole situation could be summarized as thus:

"Blizzard, realizing that lightning will not strike twice, decided to stop making Another World of Warcraft to they can focus on Another Rage of Bahamut and Another League of Legends."

oh what is it this year. World of darkness got canceled. Titan got canceled. Its as if developers actually realize that 10 year developement cycle of MMOs do not work. Heres hoping Blizzard can utilize this talent to start making good games again.

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