Legend of Grimrock 2 Gets A Release Date

Legend of Grimrock 2 Gets A Release Date

Dungeon crawler RPG fans can preorder Almost Human's Legend of Grimrock 2 today, and begin exploring it next month.

Two years ago, Legend of Grimrock showed us that dungeon crawlers of the 80s and 90s could return in a big way. Last year, developer Almost Human confirmed it was continuing the trend with a full-blown sequel, Legend of Grimrock 2. Now indie RPG fans can celebrate once again, because the game finally has a release date: Oct. 15 2014.

Adopting a similar story format of the original, Legend of Grimrock 2 follows a group of four prisoners who find themselves shipwrecked on the island of Nex. Not only is the surface of this island littered with ruins and shrines of an older civilization, it's also home to a massive underground network of dungeons and mines. To escape and find freedom, the four prisoners must overcome Nex's many challenges, designed by an "ominous mastermind of the island".

Based on the new trailer, Legend of Grimrock 2's Nex should offer an impressively varied environment, as well as a wide array of puzzles and enemy types. Like the original, Legend of Grimrock 2 will also include a custom Dungeon Editor, allowing players to create their own challenging scenarios using the sequel's resources. A preorder discount, which includes a Steam key and DRM-free version for $20.39, is available from the Legend of Grimrock website.

Source: Legend of Grimrock


This game can't come out fast enough. I spent so many hours on the first one, it was ridiculous. This one should be even bigger and just as good as they didn't mess with their winning formula.

Well, now I know what I'll be doing in my spare time in the second half of October. Grimrock proved to me that talented indie developers can make awesome games AAA publishers consider risky, and even make them with beautiful graphics.

Can't wait to play it. Preordering now.

These guys get my monies.

I backed the first one out of nostalgia for the old classics.

I'm throwing it at them this time based not on nostalgia but because of how well a job they did with the last one.

These are the kind of games that a couple of years ago I thought we'd seen the last of in pc gaming.
I've never happier to be wrong.

holy cow it looks amazing, i loved the first game

im so buying it on both steam and gog but im too lazy to pre order even if it cost me dearly

Guys if you're going to definitely buy it, grab it off their site directly. Best way to support the devs.

Cannot wait for this game. Loved the first one. New race and classes are going to be awesome.


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