Your BFG 9000 is Low on Ink: Playing Doom on a Canon Pixma Printer

Your BFG 9000 is Low on Ink: Playing Doom on a Canon Pixma Printer

UK security expert gets everyone's favorite 90's shooter running on a Canon printer.

Another day, another instance of Doom running on virtually anything with a microchip.

We recently saw Doom running on a hacked ATM. This time around? A UK-based security expert has gotten Doom running on a very pedestrian Canon Pixma printer.

Over the course of four months, Michael Jordon (no, not Jordan), got Doom running on a printer you very well might have humming along in your home office. The objective: to show how Pixma printers could be forced to run custom code sent over an Internet connection.

Like most of the consumer printers up for purchase today, the Pixma line of all-in-one devices have built-in LCD displays, WiFi, Ethernet, and can update software from the Internet (like all those firmware updates you're being pinged about every week, no doubt). Jordon wanted to show how a hacker could, given the right circumstances, use the printer as a gateway into someone's private network.

Jordon contacted Canon about the vulnerability in its firmware update processes months ago, and the company is implementing fixes for any Pixma model printer sold since Summer 2013. Now that the hole has been plugged, Jordon was able to show his Cyberdemon-fueled escapades to the world. You can read his full breakdown of the encryption hack here.

Additional Source: Wired


Ah you gotta love people who manage to get a game to work on something that isn't designed to play them. Either way I can't help but be impressed by these guys.

What's next then? An old Nokia? :D

It is not hacked until you run Doom on it.
This is quite old news btw.


Mildly amusing to say the least.

Now make it play on a typewriter without a digital display.

Really? In 1976 I played Trek on a teletype printer spitting out greenbar paper (one sheet per update) connected to a Prime 3000 mainframe. I think I still have the games I saved somewhere in a box.

What about Pixmas sold before Summer 2013? Not vulnerable in the first place?

Cid Silverwing:
What's next then? An old Nokia? :D

I'm picturing a whole karaoke room in Japan using some kind of microphone interaction to play.


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