Mike Carey Excited For, But Not Involved In, Lucifer TV Series

Mike Carey Excited For, But Not Involved In, Lucifer TV Series

Lucifer Cover

Mike Carey isn't involved with DC Comics' Lucifer adaptation, but he's very interested in seeing where Fox takes it.

DC Comics has really been pushing its comic-book-to-TV adaptations lately, but they aren't all superheroes and morally suspect magicians. It's also been reaching into the Vertigo mature imprint for books like Lucifer, a long-running series that might be making its way to Fox. Now series writer Mike Carey, who penned all 75 issues and a Lucifer: Nirvana one-shot, has shared his thoughts on the adaptation. In short: He's very excited to see where it goes.

"[Artist Peter Gross] and I knew from a long time back that Lucifer was one of many projects that Warner were considering as potential movies or returning series," Carey said. "Then things got really quiet, which means one of two things: either something is happening, or absolutely nothing is happening. And from the outside there's no way of telling which of those two it is. The box is closed, and the cat is both alive and dead. Then we got the news and realized that the cat is alive. Not to mention infernal, fallen and demonic.

"We're very excited at the possibilities this opens up, and very curious to see how the creative team on the series handles the core characters and situations," Carey continued. "There are lots of different ways into the story and lots of different ways of navigating once you're up and running."

This incarnation of Lucifer first appeared in Neil Gaiman's The Sandman, where the Lord of Hell abdicated and resettled in Los Angeles. Carey's Lucifer spin-off series saw him running a piano bar called "Lux", eventually resuming his conflict with Heaven in a surprisingly indirect way. Reports suggest that the Lucifer TV series will closely follow Carey's version, at least from the initial starting point.

"Obviously the starting point for Lucifer, the bedrock, is a set of characters defined by Neil Gaiman in The Sandman," Carey said, "and I'd assume that that's the story the pilot will tell -- some version of the 'Season Of Mists' storyline from Sandman, with or without Morpheus in the mix. But after that it's all very much up for grabs. I'm watching in fascination. It will be very cool if our characters and plotlines end up being referenced."

Source: Comic Book Resources


But he made Lucifer "Lucifer", it's a shame but if Carey is okay, i'm okay.

This is so exciting! Lucifer doesnt get enough rep. It's like the thinking man's Sandman.


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