Firefly Fan Rebuilds Serenity With 23 Pounds of Duct Tape

Firefly Fan Rebuilds Serenity With 23 Pounds of Duct Tape

Firefly fan Jacob LaRocca has rebuilt the Serenity with duct tape.

While you could probably pin the love that many sci-fi fans have for Firefly on Joss Whedon's writing, the wonderful chemistry of its ensemble cast and its addictive western-styled space opera setting, you really do have to throw a few points to the titular Firefly-class starship itself. Far more than just a home to the show's cast, the Serenity was practically a character in its own right, exuding a ragtag aura just as strong as its outlaw crew. It was a piece of junk being held together by prayers and duct tape, but honestly, that was half its charm.

Obviously taking the duct tape part to heart, hobbyist Jacob LaRocca took it upon himself last year to recreate the Serenity using the world's premier bonding strip as his main material. Over the course of 110 hours, LaRocca rolled and molded more than 27 rolls of duct tape (23 pounds) into a scaled down model of the fictional spacecraft. Most recently, LaRocca brought his duct tape creation with him to Boston's 2014 Comic-Con where it wound up being a big hit with Firefly fans as well as actor Jewel Staite, who starred in the show.

This, of course, isn't the only duct tape replica that LaRocca's crafted. In addition to his Firefly model, he's recreated weapons from franchises including The Legend of Zeda, The Lord of the Rings and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He's also recreated vehicles like Star Wars AT-AT, a naval battleship and the F-16 fighter. You can check out more of his work at his personal website.

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Yeah, closest thing you're going to get to another series. :)

I must admit I found Serenity kind of ugly on the outside, but it's awesome to see people still trying to make things out of duct tape (and succeeding).

Yeah, closest thing you're going to get to another series. :)

I think the "Special No Thanks to Fox" was because the model was canceled after only two appearances.

And all I can think is "What a waste of perfectly good adhesive strip."

Dang, you really can make anything with duct tape it seems...

Oh man, the smell...

Egad! Is there nothing that duct tape cannot be used for?!?

In all seriousness this is epic stuff! OK, yes it could be argued that the man has way too much time (and Duct Tape!) on his hands but anyone who says that is just jealous of his sheer levels of awesome!


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