LEGO Doom Diorama Delivers Epic Brick Demons

LEGO Doom Diorama Delivers Epic Brick Demons

Iain Heath's LEGO Doom build will leave you pining for the good old days of first person shooting.

Doom. Easily one of the most influential pieces of gaming software ever made, it's a title that arguably needs no introduction. In fact, the next time you're with a group of gamers, I dare you to just say the word and watch as they lose themselves in nostalgia for past days spent running through the corridors of Mars and blasting hordes of pixilated demons. Put shortly, when it comes to first person shooters there are few franchises with a pedigree as tremendous as Doom.

That in mind, it's only understandable that someone would convert the game to LEGO at some point. That someone in question would be builder Iain Heath who recently released a sizable gallery of pictures showcasing his build which includes two tiers and four separate sections. While Heath just generally did a great job of capturing the look of the old school Doom, his use of translucent bricks and poles to implement things like airborne enemies and fireballs struck me as being especially nifty. You also have to love his inclusion of little things like ammo crates.

In the least, Heath's build has me pining for more custom LEGO builds based on old PC titles. Raise your (internet) hand if you'd love to see some Wolfenstein builds. Or maybe a few builds based on some of the classic flight sims? Sincerely, give me a Wing Commander LEGO build and I'll be able to die a happy man. If you're interested in seeing Heath's Doom build meanwhile, it will be making appearances at this year's BrickCon in Seattle and at Emerald City ComicCon in 2015.

Source: Flickr


This is easily one of the most impressive lego scenes I've yet to see.

That works seriously well, the blockyness gives the old pixel effect in 3D, great work.

Shut up and take my money! :D

OT: Holy crap that is impressive! I would love to see this made as a real set.

Yup, in a time when cool stuff is being done with LEGO, that is the coolest to me by far. Almost flawless execution, and it hit me in the memory box like a nostalgia BFG. Well frigging done!

Never has rip and tear been so easy...
I feel though that this kind of set would wear thin after a short while. How many times can you play "Doomguy explodes [noun]".


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