Friday Box-Office: Gone Girl and Annabelle Open Strong

Friday Box-Office: Gone Girl and Annabelle Open Strong

gone girl

Missing wives, killer toys rule the first moviegoing weekend of October

A Conjuring-inspired chiller and a bestseller-based thriller are the projected box-office winners for the first October weekend at the movies.

Gone Girl, the tense thriller starring Ben Affleck as a man who finds himself the prime suspect in his wife's disappearance, took in between $12-13 million on Friday. Analyst tracking puts the film on track for $33 million or more for the weekend, which would beat studio projections and could conceivably make it the number one movie of the week - a good start for a hotly-anticipated film that many had projected as the first major Oscar contender of the season.

Also opening to strong number was Annabelle, a horror film that tells the origins of a demon-possessed doll from last year's haunted house hit The Conjuring. Analysts are predicting an opening weekend take in excess of $30 million, though horror releases tend to have notoriously short theatrical legs. The film will potentially face significant competition for the horror audience when Dracula Untold debuts next week.




I'm pretty excited for Annabelle and I'm seeing it tonight, but I already know there's no way that movie is going to be as terrifying as Gone Girl.

Wait that demon doll had any relevance in The Conjuring? I thought it was just dropped out of the film twenty minutes in and then we get to see it towards the end for a bit. Well I suppose I should look into this spin off film, might be good for a chuckle like The Conjuring was, maybe even give a scare which The Conjuring didn't.

Still good for Gone Girl, unless it isn't as good as it is interesting.

Damn... I really want to see Gone Girl, but the theater in my area sometimes get films late if it isn't something like Guardians or TMNT. Instead, they decided No Good Deed was the film worth showing instead.

Can't wait to go see Annabelle tomorrow!! I was quite taken by the Conjuring last year, I hope this is just as fun a ride.


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