Better Call Saul Gets First Trailer in Music Video Form

Better Call Saul Gets First Trailer in Music Video Form

Junior Brown thinks you need to give Saul a ring there, brother.

Better Call Saul is set to debut in 2015, after being pushed back from an intended 2014 season premiere. But fear not! Along with having two seasons locked in, AMC has just released an extended preview trailer for the Breaking Bad spin-off, with Junior Brown singing the praises of everyone's favorite Southwest legal representative.

The preview is more of a music video than a straight-up look at the show's plot points, but Junior Brown's musical contributions are quite enjoyable. The lyrics could also point to potential storylines within the show, which will expand beyond the Breaking Bad character group, and go into the minutia of Saul's lawyer business. It can't all be meth dealing and money laundering -- Saul will be hard at work undoing the damage of smaller, less ambitious clients, I'm sure -- so we're sure to see more...pedestrian criminals in the mix.

Thankfully the music video doesn't spoil much from the show, as clips are largely limited to Saul posturing in court rooms and in front of the camera. No spoilers here, for those who worry.


Country ain't my genre, but I enjoyed the song none the less ;)
Go, go series; air already!


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