Ex-BioShock Devs Launch Narrative Game Kickstarter

Ex-BioShock Devs Launch Narrative Game Kickstarter

The Black Glove was created by former Irrational Games employees after the BioShock studio closed down.

When Irrational Games suddenly shut its doors earlier this year, it left a lot of talented game developers without jobs or projects. Former BioShock developers Chad King, Joe Fielder, and Justin Sonnelkalb decided to launch a studio with some other ex-Irrational employees, Day For Night Games. After funding their first post-Irrational game out of pocket and working on it on the side, they've decided to crowd-fund the project via Kickstarter. Launched today, the Kickstarter campaign for The Black Glove aims to raise $550,000 by November 7.

According to the Kickstarter page, "The Black Glove attempts to push the narrative game genre forward by tying story directly into gameplay, allowing players to alter both events and the world around them." It's described in the video as "a surreal game," and the world shown through the game's first-person view seems to support that notion. As the Curator of a 1920s theater with three artists whose work has taken a strange turn, the player is tasked with having "to change the creators' past to improve their work in the present."

When you want to create an original, atmospheric game, it definitely helps to have the people who brought BioShock's Rapture to life on your team. The $550,000 goal actually seems a little low, but all of The Black Glove's progress thus far has been funded out of pocket, so half a million dollars would surely be helpful in crossing the finish line. As of press time, nearly $7,500 has been raised, with 31 days to go in the campaign. A $20 pledge gets you a downloadable copy of the game for PC, Mac, and Linux, though there are plenty of higher reward tiers; The Black Glove has an estimated release date of October 2015.

Source: Kickstarter


It definitely seems interesting, but a bit bizarre. I guess it may be something comparable to the Stanley Parable, but I guess I'll have to wait and see. I'm just happy a few members from Insomniac are still making unique gaming experiences.

It does seem to have a very tight focus. At first, I assumed "feats" were...minigames, or something, but the actual glove mechanics seem interesting. I like this kind of aesthetic, so it's nice to see it getting more mileage.

As for changing a story by manipulating events, well, that sounds like something people will have to wait and judge for themselves. I can't imagine making a judgment before actually testing that sort of mechanic personally.

I love the first Bioshock to bits but this seems a little bit walky talky, if I get a machine I can play it on I'll give it a try but I'm not expecting wonders.

They're planning a PS4 and Oculus Rift now if their initial funding goal is met. That's pretty ambitious, but I'd definitely like to see it happen.


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