Virtual Pop Singer Hatsune Miku Performs on David Letterman - Update

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Woof, that was not a good audio mix.

Still, one step closer to Idoru. :D

Unfortunately Miku's actual performance was with a not terribly great English pack/mix and not her most dynamic song even though its the one for the convention so I didn't enjoy it as much as usual.

On top of that her voice was too low relative to the music, and the music had a lot of other voice-like tones, making it eve harder to distinguish Hatsune. The choreography was basic, the lip-sync was really bad, and she failed to hold the microphone still while singing (and why bother with a handheld microphone at all when she is wearing a headset anyway?)

In short, that performance suffered from sub-standard programming.


I love this. I love picturing all the audience being so completely weirded out of their brains, it makes me smile so wide that I feel my jaw's gonna cramp. Ah. Brings a tear to my eye, go Miku!

That's the one I'm going for. People pay to be tied up and whipped as well, so it makes a certain kind of sense. Below is the very best I could find on YT - quite a good job, but you can hear it get into trouble on the lower notes as I mentioned above. Even so, I don't think I could keep a straight face if people offered to pay to listen to our Vocaloid guidance tracks...

Firstly, your previous post in this thread is perhaps one of my favorite posts in any forum, ever.

Secondly, I've only ever heard a few vocaloid songs, but the link you posted is the most pleasant-sounding one I've ever heard. I could almost believe it's a real person with an accent.


Interesting to watch, but when I saw the screen at the beginning it kind of ruined the illusion.

So... if not for the screen, you would have believed it was a real person with big anime eyes and 15 pounds of hair? Heh.

That's neat and all... but I don't think that kind of audience will "get it". Ah well, I know some people on the internet will. As for the song itself... it's okay... but I've heard better J-Pop.

It was pretty cool althought when I first heard about it I thought it would be a interview sort of thing eventhought that would mean Letterman asking questions to a prescripted vocal program.

Scarim Coral:
It was pretty cool althought when I first heard about it I thought it would be a interview sort of thing eventhought that would mean Letterman asking questions to a prescripted vocal program.

The internet, it works fast.


Awesome picture

I was curious about this as I've seen someone in an MMO run about with a similar name, wondered what it was all about, but could never be bothered to look it up. Secondly, having then found out it's a Vocaloid based act I was intrigued; we use it with an English library (Avanna) to mock up vocal tracks for session singers, giving them a (very) rough idea of what is needed. Very useful if the vocalist is in a vastly different time zone or on the other side of the planet.

Vocaloid is not difficult to use but requires a lot of patience and experience, basically. Even the best people using it manage to produce something so goddamn awful that, in some respects, it would be better to attempt to fart the tune into a microphone after a particularly good curry. Certainly the intonation would be better...

So, with some interest, I clicked the 'live' YouTube link and watched it with an expression that someone would make if they walked into their hotel room after the turndown service and, instead of finding a fresh mint on the pillow, found a freshly coiled turd instead; a growing mixture of horror, disbelief and screw-your-face-up disgust.

I am of the opinion that there can be no such thing as 'bad music' if someone else likes it. It might not be to my taste, but I can appreciate why others might enjoy it - I lump things like boy bands, doom metal, Wagner and Britney Spears into this category. Maybe not Britney.

This brings me to my conundrum. I cannot find any reason to believe that people would like this and yet, clearly there they all are, thousands of the tone-deaf fans, waving their RGB-colour-matched glowsticks in time with the poorly-modelled hair physics. I think I am going to get stuck in a logical quandary from which there is no escape.

if this was your first Vocaloid song, this was one of the worst songs to hear, since she was singing in english with someone who is inexperienced in writing songs and manipulating that voice properly. what makes this popular is the fact that Vocaloids aren't limited by a single genre, anyone can make music using her, and there are a lot of a great songs, just as there are a lot of terrible songs.

In defense of Letterman's audience, I too find a completely inhuman pop-star a freaky proposition. I value live, human musicians. Sorry.

Poor David Letterman. He doesn't know what just happened, and I don't think he could ever truly understand. Same goes for the audience. Might've worked on Jimmy Fallon, Jon Stewart, or Stephen Colbert (who is replacing Letterman soon), but not on Letterman. His audience is much older. Hell, Jimmy Kimmel would've been better.


At least the band looked like they were having a good time. :P

I am still not sure in which language this song was and that guitarist was way too much into the whole thing...especially since the guitar (even if it wasn't playback) is hardly heard.

I get that there are people who like this, but what is the point of a live show of this? I mean you listen to it live and it's the SAME thing you can listen at home. Humans perform songs differently each time (for better or for worse), but this is the same each time. This is basically a movie show, but what's annoying is that people pretend it's "live" even though everything is playing from a computer. Jeez.

It was worth just to see the utterly incredible look of 'I'm too old for this' wash over Letterman's face.

I think Letterman had more of a "somebody's getting fired for this" smile, the "I'm too old for this" face is just his usual face for a few years now.

When I heard that Miku was gonna be on Letterman, I was all like "HELL YEAH!" and then I remembered that none of my TVs have cable hooked up... oh well, I still got to see it, and it was AWESOME, they could of a used a better song though.

Pedantic Semantic checking in: This isn't a hologram. True 3D animated holograms are, as I understand it, still not a real thing that exists. This is a flat projection onto a transparent screen. The basic concept is hardly more sophisticated than a Pepper's ghost illusion, except that you're using CG instead of a physical performer in another room.

I don't really understand why someone would pay to see a digital performance. This whole Vocaloid seen confuses me. On the other hand I don't understand why someone would go see Daft Punk live, and I like Daft Punk.

Keiichi Morisato:
if this was your first Vocaloid song...

I actually have Vocaloid 3 myself and use it to send our distant session singers a basic idea of what we want. As I mentioned, we use the only (I believe) female English library for it - Avanna. The Japanese libraries do not, as you say, lend themselves to English vocals. Which begs the obvious question...


So...its okay to talk down at any of the fans, and bash the whole concept, because you dont like it either?

Nah.. it was meant to be a mildly amusing take on my reaction to it. There is always the risk of inadvertently offending someone when you poke fun, however mildly, at something as emotive as music but I can assure you there was no intention to hurl veiled insults at the fandom. I am a bit older than many people here and I sometimes forget how seriously some of these things are taken by people a generation or so away.

So, on that note, please accept my sincere apology for harshing your existential squee.

As a kind of professional musician (in that I am the person who scores and writes the music for our games and not a sort of C++ stage-coding version of Jagger) and a user of Vocaloid I think I can *objectively* say... 'urgh'. It can be done better and, for the sake of small mammals within a 10-mile radius, it should have been done better.

...the most pleasant-sounding one I've ever heard. I could almost believe it's a real person with an accent.

Yup - it can be done. Not by me though. My Vocaloids are less pleasant than other things ending in 'oid'. Often.

To be honest that was a pretty badly programmed performance. The music balance felt off, the tone was weird compared to versions I've heard of that song before and the vocal was poorly syncd with Miku. Not to mention in my opinion there are way better songs they could and should have used; if nothing else there are songs where you can actually HEAR her a lot clearer.

I guess they decided they couldn't do a song in Japanese because people would freak out at not being able to understand or something.

Nice to see some exposure but it feels like a bit of a wasted opportunity. :(

Frankly, the existence of this... thing still confuses me. It'd be a lot cheaper to just make a 3d-model pre-animated sequence that moves around while the audio happens. Hell, for all I know, that's all that's happening. And it's not like the live band would have to be too thorough in their timing. We're talking about J-pop and dubstep. Not a lot of variation in tempo.

Speaking of which, I couldn't make out the vocals at ALL through all the filters, autotune, and the disproportionate dynamics.

Let me know when someone makes an ACTUAL hologram. One that doesn't require a solid, liquid, or non-transparent gas medium for light reflection. Then I'll be interested.


Scarim Coral:
It was pretty cool althought when I first heard about it I thought it would be a interview sort of thing eventhought that would mean Letterman asking questions to a prescripted vocal program.

The internet, it works fast.

image so true. And yep. She still has more of a soul than JB.

This is a fun technical spectacle but the fact that this is actually a really popular area of music that a lot of people apparently enjoy listening to is a little baffling to me. To each their own I suppose, but that sounded like a chipmunk getting its testes twisted while trying to sing to an otherwise boring melody.

"It's like being on Willie Nelson's bus." haha Man. I'm gonna miss Dave.

o_O oh god some one let that thing out of Japan?!



heh, even the machine hates JB, nice.

I've been aware of Hatsune Miku for a while but never looked into her music much past the surprisingly catchy Dominos commercials they did last year.

And I gotta say, I dig that song they did on Letterman to. I'd probably buy an album of that, even if I'd never listen to it in public lol.

captcha: rowboat

Life is but a dream indeed, captcha.

One wonders what Stephen Colbert will have to do to top that when he takes over for Lettermen. Knowing him I could only assume he'd come on stage, knock her off, and start singing about how much he hates Jimmy Fallon.

Edit: Scratch that, I imagine he'd dress up as Gumi or SeeU and start singing with Miku.

Hmmm, I don't think that's a real girl you guys.
Seriously though, I hope she was singing Japanese as I could not understand a word she said.
edit: correction, I think I heard the word "anyway" once.

What on earth was that thing? What sort of technology makes it move and speak? So this is the "Letter Man" thing I've heard of. It's not very convincing.

Hatsune Miku was great though :)



Scarim Coral:
It was pretty cool althought when I first heard about it I thought it would be a interview sort of thing eventhought that would mean Letterman asking questions to a prescripted vocal program.

The internet, it works fast.



But I question the song choice. Something like "World is Mine" or "Rolling Girl" would've been more energetic and entertaining for an audience completely unfamiliar with her.

I don't know if World is Mine would have worked. The song is frantic as hell. The verses jump around into too many places. I think someone hearing it for the first time would just get lost.

Japan is pretty fucking weird, but at least you can't say that Miku is a bad role model.

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