American Enterprise Institute Fellow Blames Cosplay For Poor Economy

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The author of this article is actually stating something completely opposite to what the headline says. He is blaming the poor economy for the rise of cosplay and escapism. Which probably isn't centrally accurate either. I don't cosplay, but even if the economy was thriving I'd still play games and what not to escape because my life is less than ideal and I don't know how to fix it.

Interesting article, I like how it acknowledges that these arent just layabout no good kids, that they're from all ranges of life, and many are actively seeking non-existent jobs. Nice to see someone attempting to relate to something they dont partake, rather than hurl blame at those young people, and their darned time wasting.

Shame about the blatantly clickbait terrible article title which is stating the exact opposite of the content.

"any rise in people fleeing reality for fantasy suggests problems with our reality."

Ya don't fucking say >:(

I swear the 'experts' are getting dumber every fucking time they say something.

Dreadful clickbait headline. I expect better from you, Escapist.


Very interesting to read, kudos. I must say, I can see shades of similarity with what's going on at present in Australia. The old paradigm for Baby Boomers was free education for anyone who could work, followed by entry to the workplace where you took on a solid 40 hour week and worked your way up without demanding too much from your employer, especially if you were a woman with ambitions of having children. Then as you got closer to retirement you would take advantage of the government's negative gearing of investment property to build a portfolio and retire very wealthy.

Now, for Gen Y university is both expensive and takes twice as long because declining entry standards have opened the floodgates and made getting a Masters compulsory if you want to stand out. Full time employment programs for graduates have been shredded, and most employers prefer to offer short contracts or employ casual labour so they don't have to pay the full-time loading and sick leave, as well as being able to dismiss people at the drop of a hat. On top of this, negative gearing has killed the property market for young first home buyers, leading to people who are stuck renting for their whole lives. Thus, Gen Y tends to be much more transient, and many of them display little interest in climbing the corporate ladder and instead look to following their dreams of being a chef, yoga teacher, fitness instructor etc. The radio and papers are filled with grumpy Baby Boomers ranting about how they won't hire Australian Gen Y (Gen Y Bother, they call them) because they don't show any 'loyalty', which most businesses refuse to show them. There was a court case here recently won by a few supermarket employees who had worked at the same place for THIRTEEN years and had still not even been made permanent employees.

So it's not so surprising that this kind of thing is happening the world over as the corporate system screws people out of an existence and emerging generations prefer to take their chances elsewhere.

A clickbait headline about a different clickbait article. Clickbaitception?

Or just yo-dawg...

as seeing as how cosplay can be very expensive you would think that many of them had some form of currency acquisition in maybe the form of a job. Now the increase in cosplay could be a sign of people that had jobs and costumes losing their job so having free time to cosplay i can give him that but cosplay in itself is no more than an indicator not a cause as such title misleading please change.

Nice click bait title, make it sound like cosplayers are getting the blame so people get outraged and click the link. Try some subtlety in your click bait titles next time rather than an outright lie.

I don't see a connection between Cosplay becoming popular because the economy stinks. Cosplay used to be on the fringe and anyone that did it was considered weird and that stereotype is becoming lost to the past. The more mainstream cosplay becomes the more popular it will become.

Then how can anyone unemployed afford to cosplay and especially do conventions? conventions can get expensive if you get more than a single days pass, plus hotel, transportation, and food. I don't see how it is a majority unemployed doing it except during Halloween.

I think the writer of the article makes the assumption that the 2 are related when it is most likely a coincidence.

Am I the only one who finds the idea of some Ivory Tower jagoff wringing his hands over how "the youth" are not being "productive members of the economy" offensive? Treating these people like cogs destined for their machine is part of the reason why they aren't all that eager to participate, if you ask me.

People. Ruin. Everything....

As I don't want to get in trouble, this guy can go shove it...

Cripes, this is the second Escapist story I've clicked on in a row with a bad headline. WTF is going on here?

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