Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings Meet in Epic Fantasy Wedding

Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings Meet in Epic Fantasy Wedding

Heather and Bobby Lord used their love of fantasy to plan a Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings wedding for the ages.

For most (happy) couples, there are few days quite as magical as their wedding day. Vows are exchanged and bonds are formed that transform two people irrevocably. For most, that figurative, emotional magic is enough. That being the case, the world occasionally spawns a couple who look to their wedding and want a bit more. Heather and Bobby Lord, for instance, looked at their nuptials not just as an opportunity to make a life-long commitment, but also as a chance to celebrate their shared love of all things fantasy.

Settling on a "Lord of the Rings meets Game of Thrones theme," the two held their wedding (May 24th, 2014) at Dunafon Castle in the Colorado mountains. The couple's ceremony, in turn, combined elements of their Pagan beliefs and included music from Pirates of the Caribbean, Morrowind, Skyrim and The Lord of the Rings. The bridesmaids and groomsmen were all also dressed in custom clothing and armor representing phoenixes and dragons.

At the reception the wedding party dined at three fantasy-themed food stations featuring items like Lembas Bread and "Orc Pot Pies." The wedding cake, in turn, featured four layers including one fashioned after the One Ring from The Lord of the Rings and another with dragon scales. Wrapped around the cake was a 3D dragon accompanied by a phoenix topper. The couple cut the cake with a sword and then spent their wedding night in a room "fashioned after a tree house."

It should be said that the evening wasn't without its problems. The weather, for instance, wasn't entirely cooperative and "poured down rain" during the ceremony. Setting up and removing the decorations was apparently also a challenge thanks to the venue's strict timing rules. That said, it looks and sounds as though the Lords had a blast and, honestly, just looking at their pictures it's not hard to see why.

Source: Off Beat Bride


*Grits teeth and refuses to tell a red wedding joke*

Anyway, can I crash the wedding as Guts? Or would that be too obscure? And I assume they played the rains of castimere? It's basically required.

*Grits teeth and refuses to tell a red wedding joke*

Rats! And I was gonna ask if the wedding went according to plan!

'And who are you, the proud Lord said'

No, but this is pretty damn hillarious. I love it when fun things like this happen. ^.^

That is fucking rad as hell.

Some of the costumes are really well made too. I wonder how much time they put into them or where they rented them.

The two guys with the candles and sand clock(?) look like they're having a blast. I think it's super cool when people are cool with the theme and are making it work like that. Makes the whole thing really special.

One ring to wed them all.

There's a polygamy joke in there somewhere.

And let me guess, the groom was poisoned and died.

What? We agreed that there wouldn't be a Red Wedding joke. No-one said anything about a Purple Wedding one. :)

We agreed that there wouldn't be a Red Wedding joke.



Now that's pretty awesome and I'm glad we live in a world where this can happen.

Shit that looks expensive! Hope the bride and groom picked up the tab for the guest's costumes, I know I would have sent an invoice to them if I had to attend.

I can see Ezio Auditore at the back of the crowd in photo 15. Hopefully he wasn't there to assassinate anyone...

These kinds of things always remind me of this comic.


I don't know, I understand wanting to celebrate and express your shared interests/passions through your wedding. But for me personally an ideal wedding is mostly a celebration of the passion the betrothed have for each other. You've hopefully got many years ahead to celebrate your other interests together. Personally I just want a simple wedding, perhaps by the ocean in the open air.


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