DC Unveils First 10 Convergence Mini-Series

DC Unveils First 10 Convergence Mini-Series

DC Convergence

DC will publishing mini-series based on Superman, Batgirl, Harley Quinn and more as part of its planned Convergence event.

DC Comics has a long, complex history that has led to some of the most varied and occasionally confusing lore in the industry. One constancy of the company's existence however, has been its tendency, every now and then, to produce massive stories with universe altering implications. The most recent of these, of course, was the introduction of the controversial New 52, a partial universe reboot that left many longtime fans of the publisher upset as they were forced to bid farewell to some of their favorite moments and character incarnations.

Perhaps hoping to ease some of the pain from the changeover, DC recently announced that it would temporarily be halting its regular release schedule next year to focus on a new event that it's calling Convergence. A nine-part series accompanied by a whopping 40 two-part mini-series, it aims to explore the different universes of DC's past by transporting characters from different timelines (via way of Braniac) to a single world where they'll face off against a new villain: Telos.

Today, in turn, DC revealed the identities of the first ten mini-series it intends to release for the event. Among the first to launch will be Superman, The Atom, Batgirl, Nightwing/Oracle, Titans, Justice League, Question, Batman & Robin, Speede Force and Harley Quinn. Seeing as these books will focus on older versions of their title characters, readers can look forward to revisiting characters like Stephanie Brown as Batgirl and plot points such as Superman and Lois Lane still being married. These books will be written by a number of DC veterans including Greg Rucka and Gail Simone who will be covering The Question and Nightwing/Oracle, respectively.

All in all, while this still isn't likely to wholly please longtime DC stalwarts still steaming from the re-launch of the publisher's universe, we could still see this being an appreciated re-visitation of those characters and storylines that many readers spent years following. Convergence is currently slated to launch in April 2015.

Source: DC, Comic Book Resources


I'm not sure 2-part miniseries are the way I'd look to revisit the characters that I liked before they were altered, but I've really soured on event comics/arcs over the years, so maybe it's just me.

Of course, I still afford that this could be good.

The universe they are talking about was the universe I loved so I'm there.

In fact keep the price at $2.99 (they won't) and I'll buy them all.

So older versions of Harley Quinn, does that mean her comic will only take place in the Batman: The Animated Series timeline? One can only hope. I like her in the comics more now that her and Mr. J. are not a thing.

DC must think we're all loaded! They nearly bleed up dry on all the various Batfamily titles alone. Now they expect us to shell out money for two version of all the series in the main universe at once?! Why the hell can't they just combine the best parts of both timelines. Isn't that supposed to be the whole point of these universe wide reboot events? There is a pretty big faction of fans that want the New 52 undone entirely. Acting like that's the course of action they're taking only to combine the two down the line is just going to needlessly piss people off. They should be trying to make this correction of they're own mistakes as quick and painless as possible. If they don't get it right this time they're going to have some serious problems on their hands. Rebooting again this soon after the last reboot was unprecedented enough already. They can't just reboot a third time if they get it wrong again.


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