Level Up Your Sound with a Free Gaming Headset from V-Moda

Level Up Your Sound with a Free Gaming Headset from V-Moda

Vmoda Giveaway 3x3

You think you've got the best equipment? Well that may be, but it probably wasn't as free as the headset we're giving away right now! Get in here and get a chance to bring your games to life.

Do you enjoy gaming? We know you do. Do you get the most out of your gaming experience? We think you could be getting a little more out of your games. We want to correct the issue. We understand that it could be an expensive proposition - good headphones aren't cheap - so we are giving away a pair of these high-end V-Moda headphones absolutely free. We're giving you a chance to win a pair of V-Moda XS headphones. Normally these retail for $212 but, for one lucky person, this pair is going to be free.

Another lucky winner will be getting their hands on the V-Moda BoomPro microphone complete with CoilPro cable. With the microphone you'll be even more crystal clear when you talk to your teammates, and the CoilPro cable will extend your reach to a much more reasonable twelve feet. Even when you are AFK, you won't be away from the conversation.

Don't miss out on a great opportunity to join the future and get into the running for these sweet pieces of gaming gear.


you should really have a label like "ADVERTISEMENT: Take Your Gaming To The Next Level" title.

Or somewhere in it stating this isn't news.

I know it's a bit odd considering that there is always some stupid shitty contest always going on the right side of the main page, but I guess not many people are biting, thus this post trying to get more people to enter it.

Now only if there was some way to opt out of all these stupid contests so they didn't show up on the website at all.

Take Your Gaming To The Next Level

What does that even mean? Nothing, obviously. It's just meaning less market phrases, like "all natural".

Since yet again The Escapist fails to put it into clear writing in the actual article, it's not a worldwide contest.

This Sweepstakes is open only to legal residents of the United States and the District of Columbia, who are 13 years of age or older at the time of entry.

Good. Saves the rest of the world the trouble of entering to win this overpriced junk. V-Moda on-ear headphones for gaming? You gotta be fuckin' kiddin' me. This is the kind of shit that fans of Beats by Dre might fall for. These are not for gaming. You'd have a better gaming experience with a $50 Logitech Headset.

Is it just me, or does this whole piece smack a little heavily of native advertising? Not sure why it's in the news section.

Headset so good, you can even hear other players that are OFFLINE.

Looks like somebody's not lying but instead lending their story telling tools to advertisers again!

Go Native!

To be honest these are pretty decent headphones. Just not really for gaming. That's probably my only problem with the advert - I wished they hadn't advertised it as gaming headphones.

That and not not declaring that it's probably a funded advert article. Kind of funny since they've been doing the whole 'we are affiliated with so and so' in all their articles lately.

Another advertisement! We get enough of those as is. :s

I need a new set of headphones and I am an eligible person that could participate in this- but I will not because this stuff just seems scummy.

Follow/Share on Facebook and Twitter? What even are these websites? I've never heard of them, and I certainly don't have accounts with them to share or follow on them with.

Misleading title advertising a competition as news.

Competition run through Lockerdome, which wants my social media details for no apparent reason.

Competition terms that exclude members from outside the US from competing.

Yep, I'm feeling the value of that PubClub membership right now.

I am in the publishers club for this reason:
"Ad Free Viewing: While logged in, the site should not display any ad units or video ads."
This was the last straw, my publishers club subscription is now cancelled.

What happened Escapist, you used to be cool.

Guys relax it's a free give away, sure it may be here because its a give way payed for by being a ad, but its still them giving away free stuff. I think that is news to any one who wants it.

Guys relax it's a free give away, sure it may be here because its a give way payed for by being a ad, but its still them giving away free stuff. I think that is news to any one who wants it.

That's still spam and advertisement, not news.

Blatant advertisements veiled as giveaways, veiled as news (yes, it's in The News Room).
Game journalism at work.

*shrugs* I give up.


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