Far Cry 4's Alternate Ending Can be Reached in Just 30 Minutes

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Absolutely fantastic. Love it.

Brilliant! I think this is what any ordinary and reasonable person would do in that situation.

I mean, 1) the guy has just practically saved your life, so you have next to no reason to expect that he'd harm you.
However, 2) he has shown to be prone to stab people with whatever sharp object he happens to have on-hand, if they don't do as he'd like them to do.
And 3) the man's face is on the bills of the place, so one'd assume that he is quite powerful.

As a result, your best bet to get back home alive is to just do as he says and stay put until he comes back.

This kind of reminds me of Wario Land 2 for the GB Colour, that game had a number of secret exits to levels and whatnot that let you obtain different endings, one of which could be discovered by just doing nothing in the first level, just let Wario sleep, don't press any buttons and after a couple of minutes an alternative story starts. That particular one was only 7 levels long and as an offshoot of the 1st level made it the shortest route to completing the game, which you could achieve in about 60-90 minutes if you were good.

Well, now I've no inclination to play this game because this is the only ending I'd ever want to get. Nowadays I'm pretty averse to games where you kill 'real' people in large quantities (an aversion that came with my college studies) - so the option to "beat" the game as a complete pacifist is incredibly satisfying for me.

You saved me $60 Ubisoft. Thanks!

That's pretty goddamn funny. I'm having a real hard time disliking the villain. He's clearly a bit of a nutter but in that situation i'm fairly sure i'd just sit at the table and eat the damn food.

What a surprise - not acting like a complete psychopath, shooting up the whole countryside has a positive outcome!

Hairless Mammoth:
Ohh, I was hopping you unlocked the ending by abusing the alchemy system, just like in Morrowind.

Glad I'm not the only one that instantly thought of Morrowind after reading the title

I really do hope that ubisoft are working on a DLC where you can play the game as normal but with the sides swapped and you liberating terrorist-held outposts as a special operative of the government helping to restore stability to the country.

Seriously, I would pay good money to see that happen


Micah Weil:
I must say, I am thoroughly impressed. That's an Easter Egg.

I would gladly pay for DLC where the campaign is an off-shoot of this easter egg!

Pagan Min seems like an all right guy to me, he's just fighting terrorists. :3

... and really dislikes orders being disobeyed.

BUT YEAH, I'd love for a second campaign of the easter egg, even as DLC.

Utterly freaking awesome. The bad guy turns out to be sorta reasonable if you give him a chance...Thumbs up for the bravery of putting this in. IMO this should be the real ending and the whole game the 'bad choice'

Apparently, there's a second secret ending:


The second secret ending is talked about around two hours in, and it comes from the mouth of Anne Lewis (Communications Associate at Ubisoft, does stuff for the UbiBlog)

EDIT: And now it comes straight from the dev's mouths.

Kinda wish they would let you eat the food though.

Steven Bogos:
Far Cry (and its spin-off, Crysis) has always been a series with choices.

There is so much wrong with that sentence. Crysis is as much of a spin-off to Far Cry as Uncharted is a spin-off of Jak and Daxter, and Far Cry 1 had no choices whatsoever.

OT: Not watching the video right now, but I'll definitely do this when I get the game. That sounds brilliant.

I didn't know Crysis was a spinoff.

Huh. You do learn something new every day.

Reed Spacer:
I didn't know Crysis was a spinoff.

Huh. You do learn something new every day.

That's because it isnt. Crysis has nothing to do with Far Cry at all, aside that they share the "Cry" in the name, are based on the CryEngine (different iterations) and developed by Crytek. Thats like saying Far Cry is the same as Far Cry 2 or Far Cry 3, they have nothing to do with each other except for the name.

Two totally seperate series created by the same studio. Although Far Cry is now in the hands of Ubisoft, rather than Crytek.

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