Exclusive: Youngest Telltale Game of Thrones Character Revealed

Exclusive: Youngest Telltale Game of Thrones Character Revealed

Ryon Forrester

Telltale has revealed to us the youngest member of House Forrester in the upcoming Game of Thrones episodic series.

Editor's Note: We originally said Ryon is a playable character. That has not been confirmed by Telltale at this point. We have corrected the information and apologize for the error.

War has no mercy on children. Ryon Forrester, the youngest of the Forrester children, is going to learn that the hard way. Telltale Games has presented us with one of the new characters in its upcoming Game of Thrones.

Ryon is the fourth-born son of House Forrester and admires his older siblings. He's been spared from hardship as his childhood has been pleasant and he's had little to no responsibilities to worry about. Spending hours chasing his siblings Ethan and Talia through the grove, Ryon is just a kid.

But war cares not for your age.

As revealed last week, Telltale's Game of Thrones takes place between the end of the HBO show's third season and the beginning of the fifth season. House Forrester gets caught up in the War of the Five Kings. When the war started, Ryon's father and Rodrik left home, and Ryon had no idea why. Ryon has begun to ask questions of his siblings, who have no easy answers to give to the young boy whose innocence is fading.

Over the weekend, screenshots from the game leaked, depicting several characters from the HBO show. Telltale has confirmed the following characters in the game: Tyrion Lannister, Cersei Lannister, Margaery Tyrell, and Ramsay Snow. The actors from the show will reprise their roles for the game. That doesn't seem to be all the familiar characters - Telltale stated additional characters will make appearances in later episodes.

Also available today is a trailer, where several key characters from the books and TV show appear. Cersei calls the Forresters traitors as they've been loyal to the Starks. In the typical Cersei fashion, she conveys a veiled threat in her words: "You rely on your ironwood, that much is clear. It would be a shame to see it fall into the hands of another house. I imagine you'd do anything to prevent that from happening... wouldn't you?"

Game of Thrones will be played from five different points of view - one of them being Ryon's, and there are 13 total Forrester characters. Your decision as one character can greatly influence the events for a different character, making this game one of Telltale's largest in scope.

The first episode will premiere soon, but there is still no announced date. Telltale's Game of Thrones will be available on PC, Mac, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and iOS.


I gotta admit, I'm not a huge fan of the graphics. I much prefer their more stylized look from TWD and TWAU. Also, the trailer seems to focus a whole lot on the characters from the show. I hope the game itself has a fairly contained story.

Still, I'm excited. Hopefully we can get a GoT game doesn't absolutely suck!

Is it just me or does Ryon there look like a brown haired version of Link?

I look forward to see what Telltale do with Game of Thrones, though I think I'll be waiting till all the espisodes are out this time. The wait between The Wolf Among Us episodes was agonizing.

So...how is he gonna die?

What little I saw still gets me hyped.

I just hope that The Wolf Among Us Season 2 doesn't suffer the same way that TWD S2 did due to the studio being over-burdened.

I'd be more surprised if this series of games doesn't end with this house being put to the torch or destroyed.

Then again, this game is one about choices so who knows. Maybe there'll be some survivors.

Also, I just saw Ramsey...oh gods we're gonna meet Ramsey...

Legit pretty excited for this. The fact that they're dealing with a house that (from what I've read) was only barely mentioned in the books means your actions in the game could potentially have huge consequences- as in, some players might end up with the house destroyed or taken over or something.

I am slightly worried the established characters will steal the spotlight though, and that the actors will phone in their performances.

Seeing as how they have been releasing more and more stuff this means that a release date announcement is just around the corner right Telltale?

Micah Weil:
So...how is he gonna die?

My thoughts exactly: how utterly, utterly fucked is Ryon Forrester? We can probably expand that sentiment to cover his entire House since they were loyal to the Starks - obviously this means the Forresters are decent human beings and are all going to die horribly.


Welp now I'm super excited, knowing that the show's actors will be involved; all the better for immersion in my view.

Might give tis game a try but i was really really not impressed with TWD game Telltale did, while the story was alright overall it got very boring to me. I remember i walked into a small like one room building by some traintracks. Im looking around for zombies, nothing all clear right ? wrong. 2 zombies pop up outta no where and XBOX qte starts......only im on a pc gggrr. I got up to chapter 5 before i could not be assed.


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