Fan-Made Street Fighter IV Ads Kick Ass, Take Names

Fan-Made Street Fighter IV Ads Kick Ass, Take Names


Members of the NeoGAF forums have put together a handful of fan-made magazine-style ads for the upcoming Street Fighter IV, and some of them kick enough ass to make Ryu himself proud.

As old-fashioned games magazines struggle against going the way of the dodo, one lamentable byproduct is the death of smack-talk advertising. We may never again see another "John Romero will make you his bitch," or "Someone please get the guys who make cartridge games a cigarette and a blindfold." However, a devoted group on the NeoGAF forums has dedicated itself to the preservation of this lost art, creating mockup ads for their favorite games - and some of them look downright professional.

The current title on the plate is the upcoming February 17th console release of Street Fighter IV, and there's a pretty excellent crop of submissions this time around. I won't lie: the "We Got Next" one sent shivers up my spine the first time I saw it. Also, "What Are You Fighting IV?" is a great tagline, and I can just picture some Capcom marketing guy reading the thread and (Hurricane) kicking himself for not coming up with it first.

SF4 can't come out soon enough, but if you're looking for some truly excellent fan-made stuff to help slake your thirst until the 17th, check out the thread in question (the Street Fighter ones start on page 29).


These are awesome. The thread also has some really great Persona 4 ads in there too.

I love NeoGAF, so many awesome things come out o' there.

I think these are better than the real ads.

That's just awesome. Pure and simple.

I don't get the We Got Next one. What is it a reference to?

Oh, and RPGamer doesn't seem to like hotlinking :)

I don't get the We Got Next one. What is it a reference to?

It's a bit of a geezer reference; in the days of coin-operated standup games in an arcade, it was common practice to put your quarter on a machine that someone else was playing to signify that you wanted to play when he (almost never a "she") was finished.

-- Steve

I absolutely love the "We got next" one. It's so perfect.


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