Here's Your Cast For The Suicide Squad Movie

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Also...I hope that Margot Robbie can be sufficiently crazy. Harley has to be nuts, not just sexy.

I don't know if you've seen it, but go watch Wolf of Wall Street or YouTube it. She displays a whole range, all the way up to maniacally crazy/manipulative/losing her )@&# I'm fairly confident she can add funny crazy to the mix.

Jared Leto I was ready to condemn until I saw him in Dallas Buyers Club last year, he puts on a generally enjoyable performance and shows he's not a one-trick pony. I'm curious to see what kind of Joker he will protray.

Nods Respectfully Towards You:
Why the hell is Will Smith playing deadshot? The guy couldn't play an anti-hero to save his life, I just don't think he has the chops to play someone like Deadshot. Appearance was, I suppose he's not that bad of a choice. Deadshot has been shown with darker skin before and at least he has the goatee. I just don't think he'll be able to play it all that well. At least it's nowhere near as bad as the rumors that he would play Captain Boomerang, I was surprised how many people were actually ok with this.

Goatee? GOATEE? Lawton has a GOAT-fucking-TEE NOW! Deadshot has a moustache. No Tash. No Deadshot. I'm OK with Smith in the role but he MUST MUST MUST have the moustache.

Ahem. That said, I would have preferred if Hardy and Smith switched roles. I think Flagg is a better fit for Smith, but maybe the guy is trying to stretch himself. Good on him, just don't disappoint me Fresh Prince...and no "Aww Hell No" Ok?

Dirty Hipsters:
They should get CCH Pounder (Carol Christine Hilaria) for Amanda Waller because all their listed choices just look kind of bad (especially Oprah).

She's already done her voice for a few Batman games and animated movies, and she fits the part perfectly.

Not really big enough, but she can get by on attitude and talent. Is Marsha Warfield still working? She would be perfect.

I really hope this is good so they can do the Senator story in the sequel.

Kind of disapointed that there is no Count Vertigo, Bronze Tiger or Mindboggler though. Really wanted that Mindboggler moment for Harkness. Could still be there I guess, you wouldn't need a name actor for Mindboggler.

I'll keep it real, if Warner Bros can't get Green Lantern or Superman to the screen successfully, it'll take a miracle to get Captain Boomerang to work.

I wounder how much Bacardi it will to get Count Vertigo and Dr. Light in the squeals.

It would be interesting just to see the train wreck of those 3 played as grimdark on screen at the same time.

I do wonder if Will Smiths star power will derail the movie, by that i mean he will require more onscreen time than the others. Im hoping they get a good mix like Avengers and Guardians were every member got the chance to shine. Though im still confused as to why Joker would join the team. Why would any one trust? He is more likely to kill the team members as well as their targets.

My captua said "sharp pencil" looks like a nod to TDK pencil trick. lol

Will Smith sharing the spotlight? HA! And his son is nowhere around? Suuure. Fake Story is Fake.

Gotta say, I can totally see Jared Leto as Joker. Based on what I've seen him in, he might be good for a more playful and mischievous version of the Joker, the kind that has surprise jack-in-a-box fists knocking people out and is always grinning. Not nearly as serious as Heath Ledger's depiction, nor as nutty as Mark Hamill's performances, but something in between.

Okay DC Movie universe. If this is what you bring to the table that marvel doesn't consider me interested. But just deliver. We don't need another Avengers.

I wouldn't mind a slightly more comedic Joker -- Heath's was more along the axe-murderer angle.

Not sure about Jared Leto as Joker, I think Andrew Scott aka Moriarty from Sherlock could play an amazing Joker

Kinda disappointed that they aren't going with the already-established Suicide Squad from Arrow. Ah well.

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