Transformers 4 Submitted For Best Picture Oscar Consideration

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Oh, for a minute I thought it was actually one of the movies selected for Best Picture. Just submitted huh? Then that's whatever. I mean, I actually liked the movie (probably the only one other than 1 that I thought was good) but I would NEVER say its Best Picture material by a long shot. If it gets accepted then we can all complain to our hearts content.

So I guess to repeat some of the responses in the thread...meh.


I think Marvel should submit Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Winter Soldier would have a good chance.

If it weren't a superhero movie, I'd be inclinded to agree with you. Not only was it the best Marvel movie, it's a fantastic movie in its own right and it ticks most of the boxes for stuff the Academy loves. But being a superhero movie, I feel it may be passed over.

Does anybody know how high the entry fee per category is? Because I seriously believe they're just making fun of us at this point.

Whatever the case, I wish them the best of luck.

So, best picture is a stretch. But why not visual effects, sound mixing, sound editing, original score or cinematography? These are all possibilities. I didn't care for the movie. It was just like one long periodically paused fight scene. But I have to admit that a lot of work went into those fight scenes.

I liked the film. This renders all of your negative opinions invalid, as they are all as subjective as mine, and I just have the bigger ego.
I hope it wins.

Thanks for the laugh, Michael Bay. Your franchise has finally yielded some entertainment value in my life.

This is too funny to NOT be totally made up. You have to admire the big swinging wrecking balls (thought that image left your mind by now, didn't ya?) of whoever suggested Paramount do this.

Words fail me...(well they would but then i'd get a warning for low content post so...) The day anything created by Michael bay gets an oscar for anything other than special effects is the day the Oscars become utterly irrelevent

Did they suffer a stroke?

I'm seriously asking here.

The sad thing is, because of the studio politics, it is not actually impossible for this trainwreck of a movie to get any and all of the awards it was nominated for on a legacy basis, aka. granting it the Oscar not on its own merits but as an "acknowledgment" for the "achievements" of the entire Michael Bay Transformers series. These kinds of practices is one of the reasons I never ever cared for the Oscars to begin with.

Well, this has about as much chance of winning best picture as Ubisoft Montreal had at winning the best developer award at the Game Awards. It seems like they are just trying to fill space. Keep you on your toes, y'know?

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