End of The Line is an Amazing, 14-Minute Long Fan Team Fortress 2 Short

End of The Line is an Amazing, 14-Minute Long Fan Team Fortress 2 Short

End of The Line has been in production for over a year, but man, was it worth the wait!

You may remember waaaay back in August, 2013, seeing a trailer for an amazing fan-made Team Fortress 2 video: End of The Line. Creator James McVinnie has been hard at work on his Source Filmmaker project in the year since, and has now, finally, presented us with this amazing 14-minute fan short that you could have fooled me into thinking was an official Valve project. Check it out to the right.

And if that's not enough, Valve has joined in on the community hype for the machinima, producing an End of the Line update to Team Fortress 2 to coincide with its release, packed with various End of The Line... hats (what else were you expecting?). All proceeds from these item sales will go directly to the item and film creators.

There's also an End of The Line poster and t-shirt you can buy to show your support to the creator.

Admittedly, McVinnie has actually worked at BioWare in the past, as well as on stuff like the amazing Black Mesa Half-Life 2 mod, so he's a bit more "professional" than your average Source Filmmaker enthusiast. However, don't let that diminish the gargantuan achievement McVinnie has earned with his short.

It's amazing to see a game that's now over 7 years old still getting so much love from both the community and its creator!

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Two months earlier and it could have been up for a saxxy.

Man, that train wreck was absolutely spectacular! I could watch it over and over again. When the cargo car hits the building and it shatters? Man... That is some top quality work! It was also really well directed also. The video really grabbed the essence of TF2. The over-the-top humor while still gripping, all without dialogue. Very well done!

The TF2 community is actually pretty miffed with this update. It has been hyped for over a year, but in the end 'all' we got was a bunch of hats, one melee weapon reskin, and a pay-to-play event. The video is amazing, equal to Valve's Expiration Date if not surpassing it, but so much more was hinted at.

For one, a new map cp_snowplow. It was released for beta testing and was made by McVee and his team, but was cut over a month ago (with no communication with the community) from the EotL update because Valve felt it was "too confusing". All in all, disappointing.

Of course, part of the problem was the community hyping itself with rumors over unconfirmed content, but most of it was Valve making stupid decisions. cp_snowplow was less confusing than the officially Valve-made rd_asteroid, so cutting that map (the only new gameplay in the update) was a huge WTF. Leaving only pay-to-play content should be avoided in updates to free-to-play games, but nobody told Valve. The community is justified in feeling this update was a huge misstep.

Space Butterfly:
Two months earlier and it could have been up for a saxxy.

Two months earlier and it would have won a Saxxy, instead it's 'only' going to get more views than this year's Saxxy entries combined, or at least it deserves to.

Space Butterfly:
Two months earlier and it could have been up for a saxxy.

There is a 5 minute limit for all saxxy entries (except shorts, who have a 1 minute limit), so it wouldn't even have been able enter the competition.

Also, awesome video, and very professionally done.

Decent movie, Too bad the actual update itself is worthless.

More cosmetics that don't look that much different to last years Christmas Cosmetics and yet another Stock Melee Reskin that basically nobody will use.

I was let down by this update tbh, the SFM was okay but overhyped as hell and not as amazing as I assumed it would be.

And the update itself?

Its just ducks....

Hm. It's too bad there's hardly any voice acting besides the occasional grunt or something but it's understandable.


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