Mega Tolkien Fan Stephen Colbert Cosplays The Hobbit - Update

Mega Tolkien Fan Stephen Colbert Cosplays The Hobbit - Update

Satirist and soon to be late night show host Stephen Colbert gets the opportunity to wear the costumes from The Hobbit.

Update: Added additional pictures from Entertainment Weekly.

Original story: Stephen Colbert played one role in The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug. Now he gets to pretend to be some of the most important characters in the story. Colbert, the host of The Colbert Report wrote an essay about The Hobbit for Entertainment Weekly and cosplayed as Bilbo, Legolas, and Gandalf for the cover.

Publishing next week, this issue of Entertainment Weekly gives a space for Colbert to talk about his relationship with J.R.R. Tolkien's books. Colbert, who has shown off his Tolkien knowledge before, said Tolkien's stories about Middle-earth served as an escape for him during his teenage years.

Colbert was also given the opportunity to dress up as characters from The Hobbit. Not only did he get to cosplay - he got to wear the actual costumes from the set.

"Just me and a few of my friends got together to play dress-up," Colbert said. "Lucky for me, my 'friends' are the wardrobe department for The Hobbit. The original costumes and wigs were flown in from New Zealand just for me. They didn't even fly the costumes out of New Zealand for the actors! They had to wear them there!"

The Entertainment Weekly issue will have three different collector's covers, photographed by Ruven Alfanador, as Colbert dressed up as Bilbo, Legolas, and Gandalf. Colbert's final episode of The Colbert Report airs Dec. 18. Colbert will take over as host of The Late Show in 2015.

The final Hobbit film, The Battle of the Five Armies releases in theaters on Dec. 17.

Source: Entertainment Weekly


Those pics are great. It's too bad they didn't give him blond eye-brows to match the Legolas wig. I would have liked to see him as Thorin too.

I must watch his last episode. I'd love to see some of his coverage of the last Hobbit film, but I'm pretty sure his departure will (and should) take center stage.

Bilbo Colbert looks like he's been in possession of the Ring for a WHILE

Bilbo Colbert looks like he's been in possession of the Ring for a WHILE

Either that or he got a dose of Smilex.

But I gotta say, Colbert rocks the wizard look. Maybe to distinguish between Colbert Report and Late Show he should grow a great big bushy beard.

I'm surprised the escapist caught this and not the lightsaber segment.

He looks surprisingly good as Gandalf. His Bilbo is creepy as hell though.

There's more to this and it's funny.

Damn, if they'd cast him in the movies then they may have been worth watching. They should've gotten him to play bilbo. Actually, they should've just gotten him to play everyone. Including galadriel. Especially galadriel.

I'm surprised the escapist caught this and not the lightsaber segment.

Oh man, that lightsaber segment was hilarious. He just laid the smack down. I loved it.

Lucky Stephen. I wish I had connections like that. I remember when I first heard that he had appeared in Smaug. I instantly thought, "It was the guy on the boat!" I could just see it in my mind, even though I had missed it the first few times. Ever since then, I've paused the movie with family and friends and said, "Okay, now try to guess who that is." I give them hints like, "Put glasses on him" or "Give him a bald eagle" and the looks on their faces when they finally realize it is priceless.

I don't know. Gandalf makes him look like David Jason's Rincewind.

Lol. Thise are hilarious...

Gandalf reading game of thrones though... That really got me somehow... XD

Man that Legolas costume... The Urban Elf ....

Great pics

This is just hilarious. Seriously, I can't help but smile looking at these. Stephen Colbert is awesome! ^^


Now, Stephen Colbert as a Disney Princess, or the other way around, that's real news...

Maybe if they ever make a remake, all the characters should be played by Colbert.


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