A Look Back on Big and Small Games of 2014 in One Video

A Look Back on Big and Small Games of 2014 in One Video

It's that time of the year - looking back on the year of games.

Video editor Malcolm Klock put together clips from 70 different games released this year in a supercut to celebrate the games of 2014.

Klock, who has been making these supercuts for years, said for this year's video he wanted to make something with a more positive feeling. Set to The National's "Apartment Story (Black Sessions)," the supercut feels a little out of place with action and violence while a more optimistic tune plays.

"The song was definitely meant to feel redemptive and reassuring," Klock told The Escapist. "The lyrics 'we'll be alright' stand out in that song, and that sentiment expresses the way I want people to feel about gaming as we move forward into 2015."

While Klock tried to have a varied selection of games for this video, he has his favorites from the year. "The biggest pleasure in making these videos is to throw the biggest games right up against small personal games like Never Alone. A little game about Inuit culture could never compete with the marketing budget of Destiny, but in these videos these two games get to share space with each other. I love that."

Klock keeps his year in gaming supercuts at two minutes, and they move fast. Can you identify each game in the video? If not, Klock has a list of each game in order of appearance in the video's description on YouTube.

It's hard to keep up with all the game releases that come out each year, and this video obviously doesn't showcase each one. How many games in the video have you played?

Source: Malcolm Klock (YouTube)


Meh. These kind of things work for movies, since movies are a visual medium. They don't work as well for games, since games are interactive. The small budget games just look like a boring mess with nothig going on visually (their strength if oten the game mechanics and how they play out) while the big budget ones just look like if blockbusters was made by people who don't know how to make movies.

Also, there montages are a little bit generic, I mean, are they supposed to be some sort of celebration for the medium? But the strength of the medium is definitely not in the visual bit. I don't really get the poitn of this, or what we're supposed to take from it.

It's a nice sentiment, but showing just 2 seconds of each game feels more like running down a list rather than a celebration of that year in gaming.

It's been a good year :)

2014 was a good year for games. I wish I had more time in it.

I love how the first two responses sound jaded as fuck. lol.

OT: I enjoyed the montage. While I didn't play every game on there (nor did I want to play every game on there) this was a good year for games and a video like that to kind of just let us have a look back at some of the best of it was nice to see. I will admit, representation of some of the smaller games did surprise me, but a very welcome surprise that it was.


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