Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Wants to "Talk About Gaming on Windows"

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The best thing for Microsoft to do is... nothing. GFWL was a disaster because they treated the PC like it was Xbox and put tons of restrictions on their users. Just start bringing Xbone games to the PC, start developing and publishing more games, and give us an OS that's functional and not full of crap no one wants.

Xbox boss is going to talk about PC gaming? please, microsfot, stop it, i cant laugh any harder.

You know I see this often and really have to ask what exactly that means. Microsoft abandoned PC? What? When?
You mean in terms of gaming? I'm not sure what you expect... yeah the mother company cares and the Xbox part doesn't.... and? How does that in any way mean the Xbox part "abandoned" you?

They abandoned PC in terms of everything.

Microsoft used to publish and even develop amazing PC games. they dont anymore.

Microsoft used to develop amazing OS, their last good one is 5 years old.

Micirosft used to reap profits from their MS office package, yet the giant turd that is Office 365 is still being forced onto companies

Microsoft used to compete and beat in terms of API and driver support, now you see AMD and Linux giving them a black eye.

Microsoft used to be a leaders in their market, now they cant even beat apple.

Microsoft made Games for Windows Live. I could swear i heard the drums of ragnarock that day.


Microsoft made Games for Windows Live. I could swear i heard the drums of ragnarock that day.

That was the Azathoth Marching Band, warming up for the Demon Sultan's munch of mankind.

OT: Well, it looks like the curse is still on. Even-numbered Windows OS suuuuuuuuuck.

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