Disney Reportedly Releasing Original Star Wars Films on Blu-ray - Update

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This rumor has been going around ever since Disney bought Star Wars. While hopeful, I will believe it when I actually see it happen. Until then, I make do with the DVD versions that I have of the original trilogy.

On a side note, there is one thing I like about the special edition. In Star Wars, you get to see Biggs' intro. It wasn't CGI or anything like that. It was a full scene that got deleted from the final cut. This really showed that Luke and Biggs were good friends, because as it stands now, Biggs just kind of shows up in an X-wing and we don't really understand why Luke seems crushed when he dies.
The scene also introduces Red Leader.

I wish there was a version that had just that new scene added in and kept everything else the same.

I allready have them on dvd, but it still sucks that they aren't more widely available, the originals should be preserved, that goes for every movie ever. You can't just redraw the smile on Mona Lisa, call it an improvement and then deny people acces to the original painting. It's insane, especially when the perpetrator is a guy who sued people for colorizing old classics...

I own a set of remastered DVDs that included the original theatrical release. Stormtrooper door hit and everything. The remastered discs are in pristine condition, the theatrical release discs are worn out. I would love to update my media.

Yeah, this is fake. DONT BELIEVE THE LIES!! ;-)

Devin Connors:
Due to damage to original Star Wars negatives...

I swear I thought that was going to read "Due to the damage to the original Star Wars done by George Lucas."

Will this be only in Blu-Ray? Because all I have to read discs is my laptop, and that doesn't support Blu-Ray.

Updated the original post, everyone. See the OP. --Devin

Devin Connors:
Updated the original post, everyone. See the OP. --Devin

It'd okay, Devin... We[1] understand... Besides, in my opinion, if Disney did release the original [original] trilogy on Blu-Ray, they could also throw in the Special Edition versions alongside it just to please both sides of the spectrum... Because money...

[1] As in me and anyone else that falls under this particular category, that is...

Main question tho, will it at least be remastered prints and 5.1 surround? If so, I'll buy it in a heartbeat.

Disney if you pull this off all will be forgiven.

I'm more just wondering how much this is going to cost. Way back before Blu Ray I bought the DVD release that had both the altered and unaltered films and as nice looking as I'm sure there going to be, if there 20-30 dollars a movie, I think I'll stick to the DVDs.

There are a lot of bad things about the special editions, and those were what I was really first exposed to when I was young so at the time I thought they were alright. Having said that, the ending song to Return of the Jedi special edition, is still better then Yub Nub. If there is one thing I can take away from anything, that was one of the few improvements.

Eh, I disagree. I liked that song, and felt it had more joy to it than the new one they did.

I don't mind the special editions where they cleaned up some of the artifacts from the special effects, but adding the new scenes and characters was annoying. If they keep the "clean up" parts of the special editions, but leave out all the fluff, I'm 100% on board with this.

Han shot first

Han did not shoot first. That would imply there was a second shot. It is just,'Han shot!'

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