Princess Leia Comic Preview Recreates Iconic Medal Ceremony

Princess Leia Comic Preview Recreates Iconic Medal Ceremony

Marvel's new comic Princess Leia will follow her as she comes to terms with the destruction of Alderaan.

Next month, Marvel will be releasing the first issue of its new Star Wars series, ushering in a new era for the franchise as it exists in the world of comics. An era that will also include the launch of some exciting solo series. In March 2015, for instance, the publisher will be shipping the first issue of Mark Waid's new book: Star Wars: Princess Leia. Focusing on the titular princess and her struggle to "come to terms with the destruction" of Alderaan, the series will pick up at the end of A New Hope.

And when I say the end, I mean the literal end. That, at least, would seem to be the indication of a pair of preview pages recently released by Marvel. The pages, illustrated by Uncanny X-Men artist Terry Dodson, show off the comic's version of the famous medal ceremony at the end of Episode IV. Sadly, the pages are wordless. The images themselves however, do contain some potential peeks at Leia's aforementioned emotional processing. While the first page looks like a standard recreation of the sequence, the second page seems to show Leia saying something to the assembled rebels that leaves them feeling a bit somber.

We'll have to wait, of course, to see what's actually being said. Even so, the stated drive of the book is one that has me, personally, quite interested. Save for that one moment in A New Hope where she's actually watching Alderaan be destroyed, you don't really see much of Leia mourning the loss of her home world. In fact, I'm pretty sure it's not even mentioned in the original trilogy after the end of Episode IV. I think it'd be neat to watch her come to terms with that.

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The wookiee still doesn't get a medal, damn speciests!

I liked the way the radio drama handled her initial reaction to Alderaan's destruction:

Melodramatic, yes, but I'd probably react the same way.

She seemed to handle it pretty well in the movie.

Johnny Novgorod:
She seemed to handle it pretty well in the movie.

I'm sure all that cocaine helped.


Didn't they have the rights to the likenesses of Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, or Harrison Ford?


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