Move Over, Internet Explorer: New Browser to Ship with Windows 10

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Why these Halo references?

I'm fairly certain they're talking about the modern use of the word spartan as this:

Along with being leaner, faster, and more flexible than Internet Explorer[..]

Doubt it. According to Halo lore, the spartan progame is;

an effort to produce elite soldiers through mechanical and biological augmentation

Or in this case; combining a web browser with an A.I (Cortana). Just like in Halo itself.

If it's true to its name, it might be worth a shot. God knows I'm tired of browsers that take a solid sixty seconds just to start (hellooooo, Firefox.)

But even if they manage to produce a lean, fast, clutter-free browser, it will kind of beg the question why they didn't do that sooner rather than letting IE limp along and become the kludgy, slow, security-vulnerable mess so many people know it as today.

This makes sense, Internet Explorer is a great browser that nobody uses because of negative associations with the brand. So change the brand.

Unfortunately it still won't be called "Google Chrome" so I doubt it'll convince most people to try it, but least people won't be able to assume nothing has changed and dismiss it as that crappy browser from 2008 anymore.

Exactly, couldn't agree more.
IE is a fine browser and has been that way for some years now, but people still tend to think it's the same as it was in XP days, when they heard it was rubbish and never tried it (to this day) themselves but kept informing everyone else of how bad it is to appear to know a thing or two about computers.

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