Rock Band DLC Returns After Two-Year Hiatus

Rock Band DLC Returns After Two-Year Hiatus

Rock Band 3

Starting tomorrow, some new tracks will be available for Rock Band from the Foo Fighters, Arctic Monkeys, and Avenged Sevenfold.

It's been nearly two years since Harmonix put an end to its regular downloadable content for the Rock Band series, which had been available weekly from the 2007 launch of the first game onward. After going out with Don McLean's "American Pie," it seemed like that was the end of new music for Rock Band--but not so fast. Seemingly out of nowhere today, Harmonix announced a new set of Rock Band DLC hitting the Xbox 360 and PS3 tomorrow. The bands appearing in the first new Rock Band downloadable content in 21 months are Arctic Monkeys, Avenged Sevenfold, and the Foo Fighters.

As detailed in a press release on Harmonix's Rock Band forum, one song apiece will be available from each band:

• Arctic Monkeys - "R U Mine?"
• Avenged Sevenfold - "Shepherd Of Fire"
• Foo Fighters - "Something From Nothing"

The rest of the press release doesn't provide any details about why Harmonix has suddenly revived Rock Band DLC and whether we can expect more with any regularity; the post does, however, promise to "update this thread with answers to frequently asked questions as the week goes on." Could Harmonix be gauging interest for a long-rumored new Rock Band game? Just a few months ago, Harmonix PR rep Nick Chester stated that fans frequently inquired about the Rock Band series, implying that audiences were ready for the rhythm game to make a triumphant (possibly next-gen) return. I know I'm ready, at least; bring on the plastic instruments, I wanna rock!

Source: Harmonix


I never played Rock Band or Guitar Hero. They didn't really appeal to me (but I did play DDR and even have a dance pad), but I think it's been long enough. The two series were played out because of the constant releases, but I think enough time has past that it's safe to make some new ones. Just don't go crazy with releases.

While these songs don't interest me in the slightest, I'm intrigued to see that they're going for it again. If this means we're one step closer to finally getting Bat Out Of Hell on Pro Keys, I'm all for it.

And of course there's Foo Fighters, because the Dave Grohl Band achievement will always be a thing (and it's his birthday on Wednesday).

Aw, fuck ... not this shit again.

I begrudgingly played one the last games, don't know which one 'cos they are all the same to me but I don't get the attraction.

An extended QTE for 3 or 4 minutes, with some song you may or may not like playing in the back ground (that you aren't listening to 'cos you're concentrating), while "strum" on a cheap bit of plastic. I'm not saying it's not hard or challenging, I'm not even saying that there is no sense of accomplishment after doing a song 100% on the hardest setting but I am saying I get no fucking enjoyment from it ... in fact my hand is killing me after one song and I'm not getting Stockholm syndrome with a game.

This series/genre of game is like Minecraft, it gets so much attention from the media and others gamers you or at least I, get sick to death of hearing about it.

I'm all for it. Too bad I no longer have a system to play Rock Band on. Ah, well, it's still nice to see Harmonix return to one of their most successful series, and two years is plenty of time to allow all the hype and oversaturation of rhythm games to die down.

omega 616:

At least you gave it a try, even if you did seem like you were against it before you even played it. For me, the fun of the game is to feel like I am part of a rock band. You may not be able to hear anything more than background music, because you are concentrating too hard on the notes. I started out the same way, but I got used to the rhythm and feel of the guitar, and felt that I had more fun once I stopped focusing on hitting every note. It takes some time to develop the "feel" for, but once you get the feel for the gameplay, it can actually be quite relaxing.

I'm not saying you are wrong in your feelings towards the series, just as I'm not saying I'm right in my feelings. I just wanted to try to give you some insight, as someone who does enjoy the series.

Also, not all the games are the same. The second game overhauled the single player and tightened up the hammer-on/pull-off timing, while the third game added in keys and Pro instruments to be closer to the real deal.

Can we have a rerelease for PS4, XB1 and WiiU? It'd sell i'd reckon.

I'd like Rock Band on current gen with a model like Dance Central Spotlight where it's a $10 starter package with songs and song packs that you can buy to expand your library. They could have it work with both the instruments you already own for normal Rock Band and a regular controller for Rock Band Biltz. Then sell the instruments bundled with a $15 Xbox or Playstation store code so you could either buy the game or more songs.

omega 616:

Yeah, I see where you're coming from, I've always used RB3 as a singstar with a much bigger catalog, more songs that I like, and with three part harmonies. Get a group of friends together, add some social lubricant to get everyone in the singing mood and its a good time.


omega 616:

Yeah, I see where you're coming from, I've always used RB3 as a singstar with a much bigger catalog, more songs that I like, and with three part harmonies. Get a group of friends together, add some social lubricant to get everyone in the singing mood and its a good time.

I'm a gamer, have been since I could hold an atari 2600 stick but ive never been much of a social, co-op gamer.

I'll play bf3 and throw ammo and med packs round like I get paid to do so and I've flirted with the idea of strapping over priced headphones to my head and trying to communicate with the twitchy dudes who play them but never actually done it.

But the idea of getting a bunch of people round to drink and thunk away on cheap plastic guitars and drums makes me cringe.

It's like cosplay or that guy who bought up all the amiibo things or larping ... its a little too much for me.

I came.

Going to need to buy these songs when I get the chance, both to support RB for hopefully more songs and because they're a bunch of great songs from bands I quite like.


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