Billy Shakespeare's Revenge! The Saints Row IV: Gat Out of Hell Launch Trailer

Billy Shakespeare's Revenge! The Saints Row IV: Gat Out of Hell Launch Trailer

The only Roman numeraled game you need to care about this week, and next week.

All you need to know about this trailer is that a Dudley Death Drop takes place within the first 60 seconds.

But since writing a one-line news post is poor form, let's get down to the remaining brass tacks. Deep Silver and Volition are releasing a duet this coming Tuesday. First up is the standalone Saints Row IV DLC, Gat Out of Hell. Coming to the PC, and every major, current console not made by Nintendo, Gat Out of Hell involves Satan, Vlad the Impaler, some guy who is not Barack Obama pretending to be the President of the United States, and most of the cast from the Saints Row gang you know and love and/or despise.

Satan? Saving the President? At this point it sounds like the John Carpenter flick that John Carpenter never got to make (because he was too busy coming up with sweet synth numbers). (Sidebar: Re-making Escape from New York is the worst idea of 2015 so far!)

Also hitting on the 20th is Saints Row IV: Re-Elected, which is the original alien-fighting Matrix homage, but brought to new-gen consoles (PS4 and Xbox One). If you haven't played the original, and want to play Gat Out of Hell? This might be a better place to start.

You can check out our Gat Out of Hell preview here.


Also to note the Saints Row Series is on sale this weekend on Steam till 19th January. Also Saints Row IV is free access weekend while the sale is going on.

Hmmm this actually tempts me to go current gen

I need this in my life.

*types types*

23 January, I need to procure cash money and fast.

Devin Connors:
All you need to know about this trailer is that a Stone Cold Stunner takes place within the first 60 seconds.

No, there is not. There is a Dudley Death Drop though (also known as a 3-D).

Alright, I'll stop being a dick. I apologize.

OT, this looks like it might be fun. I have a complicated relationship with the Saints Row-series as I honestly liked the first one the most. After that it's been going downhill without getting bad, just... not as good.

Trucken that's not being a dick, that's pointing out a factual inaccuracy in the article.

OT: Day one purchase for me, loved the series since number 2 and it's right around my birthday (Feb 13th).

Well, I'm sold on it. Third and IV didn't disappoint, so they've earned my trust for this one just on the "balls off the wall" level insanity.

And now I know what a "Cold Stone Stunner" is.

I wish this was not the case.

And now I know what a "Cold Stone Stunner" is.

I wish this was not the case.

That was a 3D, not a Stunner.

This is a Stunner.

Edit - Super huge news by the way. Dunno how long this will last, but you can preorder Gat out of Hell for 5 bucks through Gamestop.

This may be a huge mistake and they'll fix it, but its possible they might still give it to people who preorder it through them for that price. Plus, its Gamestop so you wont have to feel guilty for them bein ripped off.

I'm interested in this. I'm also slightly annoyed that the game is going to drop the day after MLK day so instead of being able to get it on a day I have off, I have to wait until I get home from work on Tuesday to even know if it's worth buying.

Why is Tuesday used as a game drop day? It's practically in the middle of the week, so not even close to a weekend

Free is cool.

Careful if purchasing. Online features have been busted for months. That includes the character save/transfer/import tool synced to the community site.

If you care about that kinda thing.

This game gets even better! I didn't even think that was possible at this point. Shame I work the day it comes out.

Honestly, wrestling moves are par for the course since one of the main villains was a luchador talking about the Montreal Screwjob. Boy was The Third fucking dumb, but that bit was amazing.

In regards to the wrestling move, the Saints Row games borrowed quite a few animations from the WWE games THQ made. Most notable the various taunts you can give your character. I guess Seep Silver was able to repurpose them.


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