Fantastic Four Trailer Reveals Radical Re-Imagining

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Fantastic Four Trailer Reveals Radical Re-Imagining

Fox finally stops hiding Josh Trank's super-secret, allegedly troubled Marvel reboot

It hasn't been an easy road for Chronicle director Josh Trank's reboot of the Fantastic Four franchise. The project has been plagued by delays and a studio that has effectively buried any promotion for it. Rumors of on-set difficulties and radical changes to the classic comic book's mythos have rankled fans, to the point that many are openly rooting for the film to fail - hoping that this might lead to the characters being re-absorbed by the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Now, Fox has finally released the first trailer, offering fans their first official glimpse of the film's much-hyped "gritty" and "realistic" take on the First Family of Marvel Comics. The whole cast is present, but the trailer is primarily a mood-piece, offering lots of science-lab technology (the new origin jettisons the outer-space part of the storyline completely) but only brief glimpses as the Four themselves using any of their powers. Also unrevealed: Doctor Doom, though the character is supposedly present.

The final film (which reportedly draws inspiration primarily from the controversial "Ultimate" version of the team rather than the original Marvel Universe incarnation) is currently undergoing re-shoots but is still due for release on August 7th of this year. At this time, no tie-ins have been announced by Marvel Comics, which plans to end the Fantastic Four series over the summer in a move that many attribute to an attempt at undercutting the potential success of the film (the cast of which has already been gruesomely mocked in the pages of Marvel Comics themselves.)

Source: Fox




Disgusting, absolutely disgusting!. They turned a comic book classic into a teenage angst movie. Ewww!

is anyone else scare by the fact we don't see a good shot of the thing or no shots of doom in the suit. the cgi going suck isn't it.

Well. That was certainly a... a trailer. There certainly was pictures and sound and people doing stuff.


I was expecting a lot worse. I'm still not optimistic about it, but I hope they prove us all wrong and it's all kinds of awesome. The Fantastic Four really have a lot of potential, so I'd hate to see it wasted.

Slow, interesting only to people who bought it, seems like a trailer to me. Not a teaser, but a trailer.

While I could respect them using the Ultimate version of the FF, I think the Dr Doom as an evil blogger, is this director's first big M Night Shyamalan moment.

Personally I think it was brilliant. If there's anything we've learned from the last few years of superhero movies, it's that dark, and brooding, gritty and gray is totally the way to go. I mean, who wants things like, a bright and varied color palette, or any levity at all in their superhero movie?

I know it's just the first trailer, but it really is such an awful trailer. Yes, I get you want to be 'realistic' and brooding, but can we at least get one single moment of levity in the trailer? To show that your movie has at least some sort of heart to it? Give us someone cracking a joke at the absurdity of the whole situation, or something. Show us some personality. I get that they're trying to establish their street-cred as some sort of 'serious' respectable superhero movie, but nothing makes me want to see a movie less than a grim, gray, brooding trailer brooding along my computer screen for two minutes straight.

I want to find something good about this trailer, but it is so generic and moody. To me, this trailer is beating off to Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy and Man of Steel so hard, its dick should burst into flames. Say what you will about the Tim Story F4 movies, at least they had some levity and cheerful moments to them.

I can understand someone like Josh Trank taking the property into a new direction, but it seems to be failing badly because, (a) like Gareth Edwards, the studio went with a one-hit wonder director that might not be the right fit for a movie like this and (b) its gone so far off from the source material that not even GPS can get it back on track. And I'm not talking about making the Human Torch black. I'm talking about going in a direction that this movie, without its ties to Fantastic Four, would have been Chronicle 2: Now With a Bigger Budget.

Also, did anyone notice at the end of the teaser that the Thing had no pants on. So does this mean we're gonna see his rocky buffalo shot?

It looks like the bare minimum. Not a complete joke, but just agonizingly safe.

Not that I was ever a fan of The Fantastic Four anyway.

Also, I love how the thumbnail/final shot is yet another energy beam shooting up toward the sky. We still haven't had enough of that shit, huh?

"From the studio that brought you the last X-Men film.. because we've got absolutely nothing else up our sleeves to help us promote this thing."

This does not look Fant4stic.

Do they really have to do with the epic but emo look like Man of Steel. Sure I wasn't expecting another comedy like the first film but still.
Also judging from the description, is the Negative Zone will be in it?

Imagine a new Ally McBeal series. Imagine that they make it a dark and serious drama. Then imagine how curious you'd be about why they used these ideas on an Ally McBeal series.

That's how this trailer makes me feel.

Ok yeah yeah, dark gritty reboot of a comedic fantasy series... but why isn't anyone talking about them changing the logo. Fantastic four has been a 4 in the middle of a circle since time began Why god why is it a square now :(

I remember an article about Batman Forever and Batman & Robin where Joel Schumacher before each take would make some comment about how it was a comic or cartoon (I could be remembering this wrong). Now with this movie I get a similar feeling except the director would yell "this is a comic, brood".

...You know what this film REALLY needs? The Matthew Simmons Dr. Doom.

Because if you are going for the angry blogger troll route, this guy has that nailed. :P

Edit: Hell, he even brings his own costume, less money blown on horrible CGI


I wonder when people will understand the whole "Dark and Gritty" only works with heroes like Batman (and even then it's to a certain limit) otherwise the sillines of it just screws evrything.

90% certain thats Doom at 1:17 and 1:30. Looks like hes gonna be more metal like in UFF and the previous movies. I'm ironically more impressed because of how much Bob has been shitting on this movie. It looks far better than what I expected. I was worried it would some 2010 MTV generation POV shaky cam teen goofy/emo film. Chronicle was pretty good mind you but thats essentially what it was.

This looks like a pretty straight forward scifi movie with FF in it. I hope thats what it will be.

...You know what this film REALLY needs? The Matthew Simmons Dr. Doom.

Because if you are going for the angry blogger troll route, this guy has that nailed. :P

Edit: Hell, he even brings his own costume, less money blown on horrible CGI


That was amazing. thank you showing use this

All I can say is: Could be better, could be WAY worse.

...You know what this film REALLY needs? The Matthew Simmons Dr. Doom.

Because if you are going for the angry blogger troll route, this guy has that nailed. :P

Edit: Hell, he even brings his own costume, less money blown on horrible CGI


XD Yes to all of that. If only to hear "FINGER LASEEERS!" bellowed onto the big screen.

Maybe I'm absolutely crazy but this reminds me A LOT of the Man of Steel trailer from way back when.

Seriously, I just deja-vu'd all over the place.

So a boring trailer that shows absolutely nothing, with a background narration of someone who just sounded bored with his job.
The Fantastic Four are not gritty characters, they're closer to a sitcom's dysfunctional family. We saw from Man of Steel just how well slamming anything into the "dark 'n' gritty" blender works, and it wasn't good. Marvel works so well because it lets it's movies channel the comics, not forcing the comic into a specified genre.
Yeah, not planing on seeing this one.
I still can't get over the fact that their Johnny Storm just seems to look like a better Reed Richards, and the Reed looks like he could pull off a better Johnny, even ignoring the whole black Johnny/white Susan thing.

"Quick, mention X-Men Days of Future Past in the trailer at all costs!"

The best part of the original Fantastic Four movies was Chris Evans as Johnny Storm, because he was actually excited to be a super hero. They took the one part that worked and removed it.

On the plus side, I think the movie rights to the Fantastic Four will being going back to Marvel soon enough.

I'll wait and see what people think of the movie when it comes out before I decide to see it or not.

Also, Man of Steel was NOT dark and gritty, people. Not even close.

Fant4stic. Has using numbers in the place of letters ever been a clever thing to do?

Dear god what the hell happened? How the hell does that type of train-wreck keep happening in Hollywood these days? Marvel showed these studios how to do it right, why is everyone trying to copy DC? I smell a flop, and even if it somehow isn't I think we all know how good it's going to be.

(On a sidenote, I don't know what it is about the trailer that makes me more irritated at this movie's existence then before it came out, but there just is something about it existing that makes me more upset then the news that had already come out before about it).

We're getting Fant-Four-astic?
Oh, thank goodness. I was worried they were actually going to try and do "Fantastic Four".

But, yeah, this may be an alright movie, but it's shaping up to be a terrible Fantastic Four film. Nothing I saw was remotely the tone of the comics.

Granted, Disney already nailed it with "The Incredibles".

Someone please remind me why the original Fantastic 4 movies were so bad?

As anti climactic as the Ant-Man teaser trailer was it was better than this Fant4stic trailer. And if you're going to use half assed leet in the title you have to use more the just a 4. Fantastic is Ph4nT45T1C in leet. I would also settle for F4n74s71c, or for the t impaired simple leet F4nt4st1c.

Well at least it looks like they've gone for a CG Thing, because dudes in suits just don't hack it for characters like the Thing.

Wow, I guess it's something when you can make a trailer that makes the movie look even worse than the other Fantastic Four movies. I thought Edge of Tomorrow was the height of generic trailers, but this is some sort of new level for bland, generic, and making your movie uninteresting.

With all the big movies attempting to perfect hype my feeling is that this movie is going to get clobbered in the race for the top box office. Maybe after this flop Marvel can get Doctor Doom back for cheap.

is anyone else scare by the fact we don't see a good shot of the thing or no shots of doom in the suit. the cgi going suck isn't it.

I'm really not all that worried about the Thing, a bit worried about Doom, but that's more about the overall design...

But I am worried about Mister Fantastic. How are they going to realize his powers on screen without it coming across as ridiculous? Especially considering the overall tone of the movie.

Just go full fun and camp, that's the only way to do a F4 movie without coming across as unintentionally silly, or totally dismissive of the original material.

"From the studio that brought you X-Men: Days of Future Past"

Really? Is that all you could come up with to try to sell the movie? Wheres the "From the director of _________" or "Starring _________"? Y'know? Something that actually matters?

*googles who made and is in the film*


Just a quick topic to ask everyone: What did you all think of the Fantastic Four films by Tim Story and how does this trailer compare with your impressions?

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