Decorate Your Digs With Awesome DIY LucasArts Posters

Decorate Your Digs With Awesome DIY LucasArts Posters


Fans of classic LucasArts adventures will want to check out a fan project that's converting box art from games like The Dig, Day of the Tentacle and The Secret of Monkey Island into high-resolution poster art suitable for printing and wall-hanging.

The project is being put together by LucasForums user Laserschwert, who has thus far created 16 posters based on LucasArts adventures of old. Some feature promotional movie-poster designs or the original game box covers, while others have been edited to include only the art.

"I've always been a fan of both painted artworks/posters and the classic LucasArts adventure games," Laserschwert wrote, "and so I'm trying to preserve those classic artworks by Steve Purcell, Bill Eaken and the likes, cleaning them up, painting out overlaying text or stickers, plus taking the extra step to make these babies printable in poster size (or make them work as posters AT ALL)."

To accomplish the task, he's using a combination of Photoshop tools, "some to remove the halftone-pattern (the color circles you see when looking at a printed image real close), some to smooth out some noise and several standard Photoshop-filters to add artificial detail to the images (like canvas texture or brush strokes)." The end results are impressive; the full resolution Secret of Monkey Island image comes in at a whopping 4724x6301, yet even at full zoom the detail is sharp and clean.

Getting them printed may be a bit dicey, as a few forum users (including Laserschwert himself) have noted that some printers may have restrictions on printing copyrighted material. "I think it depends on the place you want to get these printed," he wrote. "Sometimes they don't care, sometimes they do." These are impressive pieces even without printing, but a poster-sized print of Zak McKracken hanging on your wall? That's the kind of decor any gaming nerd can get behind.



I was looking at this on Kotaku, i'm waiting for a Grim Fandando poster file so i can get it printed. He has already made some lovely Indiana Jones Posters.

How was it put by a certain escapist? back when lucas arts had a cleverness devision and wasn't milking the star wars teat?


Where's Full Throttle?

Although the posters are awesome, I'm more thrilled to find out about a new upcoming adventure called The Whispered World. There's not much more than one piece of artwork in the thread but a quick search turned up this preview. I can't wait for this to be released! And it's not even a sequel or a re-release!



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