Post Apocalypse Now! End Times Cosplay Is Very Fashionable

Post Apocalypse Now! End Times Cosplay Is Very Fashionable

Nuclear Snail Studios continues the European tradition of making post apocalyptic cosplay look easy.

We're not sure why, but Europe really seems to love post apocalypse costumes and role-playing. Between the Hollywood quality costumes from Germany's Wasteland Warriors to the massive MethanCity mutant-inspired Larp, you'd almost think real life didn't wasn't so different from an actual apocalypse. And those aren't the only examples: Dimitri Seizef turned his childhood love of dystopian movies and video games into a post apocalypse costume operation called Nuclear Snail Studios.

"I have learned to love melancholic moods and end-of-the-world scenarios," Seizef writes on Nuclear Snail's Facebook page. "The spirit of adventure, the freedom and the self-determination, the survival of the fittest, expression of primal human nature, thrill of unexplored horizons and lurking danger. Also the everlasting trace of time and the notion of transience - all these ideas have always fascinated me.

"As the years passed, I have not become a post-apocalyptic, mutant-killing, napalm-drinking bad-ass. Instead, I have become an artist."

Seizef's work, much like that of contemporaries, really captures the spirit of post apocalypse films like Mad Max. What's more, Seizef has no problem sharing his knowledge and expertise - his YouTube channel has tutorial videos showing how his costumes are constructed and how it can be adapted for your own work. It all seems straightforward, but as you can see the effort really does produce quality work.

All that's needed now are tutorials on building off-road desert vehicles and defending against radioactive mutants and we'll be all set for actual end times scenarios. Although personally, I think I'll just stick to admiring the costumes.

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Neat. Although personally I think in a post apocalyptic scenario I'd just keep wearing my overcoat, hoodie, hat, gloves, jeans and shoes. I mean keeping yourself warm and dry is pretty important when it comes to survival, I don't want to die of exposure.

Made me laugh the other day at my parents, they were watching some antique buying and selling daytime TV and one of the antique dealers was trying to explain to others how profitable old bits of tat can be when sold to cosplayers. She couldn't really convince them but after the profit she was making on some of the bits of junk, which were not even valuable to collectors really were remarkable.

Post Apocalypse cosplay, my arse. 20 years ago that was standard dress in the Percy arms in Newcastle

Mugatu called and said he's suing. #Derelicte


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