Uh Oh, Sony Abandons The Last Guardian's Trademark

Uh Oh, Sony Abandons The Last Guardian's Trademark

The Last Guardian

Is The Last Guardian set to become vaporware?

According to an update filed on the website of the US Trademark Office, and spotted by our friends at NeoGAF, Sony's trademark for its much-hyped seldom-seen upcoming Team Ico title The Last Guardian has lapsed. The report states that the trademark expired because the company failed to request an extension for its use.

However, this does not necessarily mean that the game has been cancelled. You may remember that back in 2012, the trademark was also abandoned, and later revived, with Sony assuring us that the title had not been cancelled. Furthermore, as recent as June last year, Sony told us that The Last Guardian was in full development.

So what does this lapsed trademark mean? Well, apart from the dreaded "the game has been cancelled" scenario, it could simply mean that Sony plans to re-reveal the game under a new title. After all, it has been over five years since it was first announced, initially as a PS3 title. It would not be too surprising for Sony to change it to a PS4 game and give it a fresh start with a new name.

It could also simply be a case of someone at Sony forgetting to request an extension, but considering this exact situation had already happened before, we would assume that the "trademark extension guy" would be more on the ball.

You had one job, trademark extension guy!

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I want it to happen, but at this rate it's going to be the next DNF.

So this game has been in development for how long now? This is just kind of sad. I've only played half of the Shadow of the Colossus but I know that the Team Ico guys put a lot of love in their work. It's sad to see the trouble this game is going through.

I would love to see this game.

I would also love to see Half Life: Ep. 3.

I'm convinced both will never exist outside of rumors.

Wow. Just earlier today I wondered out of nowhere "I wonder what's going on with TLG?" I must be subtly psychic.

Considering it happened in the recent past (well, recent as far as the game's development goes), my jimmies aren't quite rustled yet. Ueda apparently talked in December and said it's business as usual. I'm waiting for clearer evidence. Last time this happened, people said this didn't mean much and Sony renewed it again soon after anyways. Crisis averted.

Steven Bogos:

Is The Last Guardian set to become vaporware?

You mean it wasn't already?

After close on a decade can anyone honestly say they are surprised by this?

By now I really don't care anymore.
I don't have a PS4 to begin with, and even if it was released, I doubt it would be in good condition. Any game that's been in developement for this long is bound to have issues.

I don't have a PS4 yet, but I think this would be the system seller for me. So if you want my money Sony, get it done.

I just don't know what to think about this, though I can't say I'm optimistic. I'm just going to have to cross my fingers and hope that we do get something from Team Ico even if it isn't TLG.

Oh yeah that game, the HL3 of sony, and just like HL3 I lost interest in this thing a long time ago... so yeah can we just let it die a peaceful death rather than force it to suffer until we get a twisted abomination like duke nukem forever? If it comes out one day and its amazing, well ok I will happily eat my words, but I'm sick of hearing about this thing...

Yeah, I mean this was a game announced near the beginning of the PS3 era, and after three years I kinda gave up. Honsetly it sucks for the studio, but this was not an unexpected movie by Sony TBH

Next Gen Duke Nukem/Half Life 3.

It'll never die and it'll never get released. Well Nukem did but look what happened.

One. Job. Steven!

I wish someone, somewhere, would get their act together. This game is wanted. It will sell. And it's supposedly being made by a company that has a very loyal fan base. And yet...it continues to just spin its wheels and all we see is that same screen shot of the griffon and the boy in articles.

Now, perhaps they have got the bright idea to release this on the PS4 as a way to move consoles. That reasoning I can understand, but that doesn't explain the past four years or so.

I don't have a PS4 yet, but I think this would be the system seller for me. So if you want my money Sony, get it done.

Funny. I said this nearly 5 years ago but for the PS3.

I've always had a very hard time trying to understand the insane, almost Half Life 3 level of hype that this game has going for it. I mean it looks interesting and has incredible potential, but we don't really know anything about it right? As far as I know, and I might be wrong, there has be zero indication of even what the gameplay will be like. It has a great concept, but those are often doomed to fail because the execution can't match them. But so far nothing we've seen of the game indicated that it'll be any good.

A long while back, I had actually thought Team Ico had finished and released the The Last Guardian, and simply renamed it Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom. It turns out, that it was actually a different game altogether, but with a similar concept of a kid and a giant creature.

Given how long it's been since Team Ico have actually released a game (aside from the HD collection of Ico and Shadow of Colossus), I'm surprised Sony's still been keeping them around, or not cancelled the project. Would they not be losing money on a company that has been taking this long to develop a game, without others aside from a HD collection being released by them in the meantime? They must really have confidence that this title will sell, even after this extensive development time.

I would love to see this game.

I would also love to see Half Life: Ep. 3.

I'm convinced both will never exist outside of rumors.

This is...unfortunately probably going to be true.

Sony digs through closet for Yard Sale.

Pulls out Steve Jobs movie script. "Don't need this."
Pulls out Zipper Interactive & Insomniac. "Or these."
Pulls out Square Enix stock. "Or this."
Pulls out a Walkman, Discman & Ericsson. "Time to move on."
Pulls out a Vaio. "Or this."
Pulls out Last Guardians. "Or this."
Pulls out 10,000+ employees. "Got WAY too many of these."
Pulls out Sony Online Entertainment. "Don't need this."
Pulls out NY HQ. "I've lost too much weight to keep this."
Pulls out Tokyo HQ. "I'll put this on lease."
Pulls out Colorworks. "Don't need this."
Pulls out mobile division & PSVita. "No...I'll hold onto these for awhile."
Pulls out LCD venture steaks. "Samsung can have this."
Pulls out Music Unlimited service. "Gone."

The Last Guardian will come out at the same time Half Life 3 will and by that I mean never.

They might go the Final Fantasy 15 route and like the news suggest, just re-brand it for the PS4. Seems to be working for Square, I don't see why it wouldn't also work for Sony. This wouldn't even be the first game in it's series to have a rebranding. "Shadow of the Colossus" was originally titled "NICO" and looked like a very different game than what it turned into.

Re-branding games with troubled development sounds like a good way to get rid of vaporware accusations, you can also pull them back out at the conference of your choice and become this immediate show stopper. Team Ico is probably working on something even if what results may not be what we originally expected.

Since I don't really have a PS4 to begin with I can't say I was ever hyped let alone feel some sort of loss, it;s basically Sony's version of Half Life 3 anyway and we know that won't live up to the hype that's been getting for years now.

it's time to let it go.

I dunno about you guys, but The Last Guardian: Forever does have punchy (and appropriate) ring to it.

"In full development" is the same line that Blizzard passed when Titan was just being whispered as 'vaporware'. And we all know how that turned out....

Oh well, so that is a thing that happened.

You know what, The Last Guardian, you just stay right where you are: a fantasy. Because by now, the reality could not possibly hope to satisfy our expectations.

That goes for you too, Half-Life 3.

You know what? I think it'd be kind of cool if we had a game that we constantly had on our minds, but never actually got. A phantom of a game, flickering between existence and void, haunting us with its figure yet never truly materializing. Something that spends decades in development and drops one minor news story like every 2 years. With the former champion released years ago and turning out a piece of horse manure, there is a throne waiting for the new k... oh sorry, didn't see you sitting there already, Half Life 3.

I've had this on my mind for years, but I'll finally just say it: I find it darkly funny that the very company that once upon a time pioneered episodic gaming with one of the most recognizable IP's in the world has so consistently and lengthily failed to do the one thing they were trying to do. It's a rather intimidating thought that we're less than 2 years away from the 10th anniversary of Episode 2's release.



Oh well, Ueda had already called it quits and I don't have a PS4 anyway.


I don't have a PS4 yet, but I think this would be the system seller for me. So if you want my money Sony, get it done.

Funny. I said this nearly 5 years ago but for the PS3.


Yeah I was late to the Team ICO party- first played their games as the HD rereleases on PS3, so I haven't been hanging for The Last Guardian as long as others.

That one trademark guy has probably been fired - if he exists - for causing this right kerfuffle - oh my god its not redlining thats a word an actual word.

Really really hope that this doesn't get released on PS4, and that's if it's going to be released, full stop.


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