Square Enix Soliciting Game Pitches for Gex, Fear Effect and Anachronox

Square Enix Soliciting Game Pitches for Gex, Fear Effect and Anachronox

Square Enix will use its Collective crowdfunding service to solicit revival pitches for the Gex, Fear Effect and Anachronox franchises.

It's been several years now since Square Enix purchased Eidos and gained access to its library of intellectual properties. Since then, the company has made arguably good use of several of the faded publisher's best known franchises. That being the case, there are still several notable games series under the Eidos umbrella that SE has, thus far, not moved with much enthusiasm to revive. At least, that is, up until now.

Using its Collective crowdfunding website, Square Enix has announced that it will be giving independent developers a new opportunity to pitch game ideas that could, in turn, be used to give new life a trio of classic Eidos titles. The IPs included will be Anachronox, Gex and Fear Effect. SE would further state that there are "more IPs that [it] may open up in the future," but that it intends to first see what the response is to this opening round.

As for the process of pitching, the publisher stated that it will be "pretty much the same as for an original IP," excluding "a few exceptions." The announcement stated that the publisher would need to internally "pre-approve" everything before Collective users would be given a chance to vote on a pitch. The company assured prospective developers that it would give a reason for any rejections, but affirmed that it wants to "make sure" that it focuses on "relevant" ideas for the IPs in question.

Beyond that, the approval process would not be far removed from Collective's usual proceedings. Any ideas approved by Square Enix will be put through a 28-day feedback phase. After seeing the results of that, the publisher will decide whether or not to take the project in question to its crowdfunding phase. If the game is able to raise enough money to meet its needs, Square Enix will take 5 percent of the netted amount, leaving the rest for the developers to make the game. After the game's completion, the company will then distribute the game, taking 10 percent of the net revenues along with an additional 10 percent for licensing fees. The developers would keep 80 percent of the profits.

Source: Square Enix Collective


I would definitely throw my money at a faithful Anachronox remake. Many people never gave it a chance because it came from Ion Storm Dallas, who made Daikatana prior to that.

Holy Democratic Planet El Puno! Anachronox! I'd give all my loonies to see the rest of the trilogy.

"Get your old rope from our digital store!"

Man I loved Gex, had the first one on PC years ago. Really cool platformer with great cheesy humor and really well done cinema cliche level design.

OHHH I would so play another gex platformer.

Fear Effect!

I am really not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand if they simply finished Fear Effect 3: Inferno - which was cancelled fairly late on in development - I'd be ecstatic since it's been the top of my most wanted list for a decade, and even if it ended up being a console exclusive I'd buy that console in a heartbeat.

On the other hand, the prospect of my favourite action-adventure franchise of all time possibly getting rebooted fills me with dread. The industry's track record of revisiting old IPs is iffy, to say the least.

So much nostalgia in this thread already and I'm going to do absolutely nothing to change that.
Did somebody say Gex? I would love to play another Gex game and of all the series that suffer from modern interpretation, Gex might actually be one that benefits. I would love to hear some of his cheesy, border on insulting one liner opinions of recent pop culture and video game cliches.

Gex? Fuck yeah.

As for Anachronox, I didn't hear of it until recently and I didn't want to play it as y'know, first part of a series that didn't pan out. Guess that might change in the future.

Cool idea to get some new blood working on old IPs. Hell it worked for Wolfenstein with the New Order. So yeah lets see that.

I loved Fear Effect, but I could not stomach the tank controls. Absolutely terrible, never finished the game for that specific reason.

A possible Gex remake?

This is the kind of welcome surprise that almost makes me believe there is a god.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH they had me at Anachronox. What a fantastic game; under-appreciated to be sure and worthy of a revisit. So long as I get to have Democratus in the party and question the logistics of healing potions on a planet (does that mean people die by the billions when Democratus takes damage and a mass-resurrected when healed?), I will be a very happy gamer.

Holy crap! A Gex revival is something I've wanted for nearly 2 decades now! I will be voting as hard as I possibly can for that!

Just listen to that music, those quotes, that voice, that boss, that ending theme. Everything about this game was amazing as a kid. And it was a pretty challenging platformer to boot. I will be pissed off if they don't use the voice actor that did Gex's voice in the PAL version though. The NA version's VA was god awful.

It's tail time!

So how many times will they be using the Eidos IPs instead of using many of their own from Squaresoft, Enix & Taito that have been left aloft?
A Quintet games collection from the SNES for New Nintendo 3DS & maybe PSVita wouldn't be amiss here. Also new Chrono games, Parasite Eve because 3rd Birthday really wasn't all that good with too much pandering. Lets not forget Taito had it's own stockpile, so they could outsource those for small projects, since Taito now makes Windows powered arcade machines in Japan.

I wouldn't mind a return to the Gex series. I liked Gex 2 (of course I played it as Gex 64, because I didn't have a PS1 back in the day) and Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko was pretty fun (my favorite part being fighting the Sailor Moon knock-offs in the sci-fi/anime level and fighting the Stone Cold Steve Austin expy in that one boss fight) so I wouldn't be opposed to a return to the well.


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