Unsanctioned Reboot Is The Power Rangers Movie We All Want

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Unsanctioned Reboot Is The Power Rangers Movie We All Want

Gritty reboot smacks of live-action Halo and Gundam.

If you were born in the 1980s, chances are you watched at least one iteration of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on TV (most likely FOX, after getting home from school). No matter how involved your love affair with the show might have been, we all get the cheese factor now. (Seriously.) The fight choreography, kid/daytime-friendly dialogue, and sparks-a-flying-man-in-a-rubber-suit effects are mid-90s facepalm-worthy, for sure.

But a gritty, live-action take on the franchise, that screams Halo: Nightfall? Sign me up. And that's exactly what Joseph Kahn (Torque) and Adi Shankar Dredd) have pulled off with a new 15-minute short. The work-safe version is embedded up top, while a NSFW version was pulled from Vimeo earlier this afternoon.

The short stars James Van Der Beek (Dawson's Creek, obvi) as Rocky (the second Red Ranger), and Katee Sackhoff (Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica) as Kimberly Hart (the original Pink Ranger), as the "war between two empires," takes a decidedly dark and amazing turn. There's even a subplot involving Tommy the Green Ranger, and meth! But we're all here for the giant robots, naturally.

Director Kahn is calling it a "deboot fan film," and it's an unofficial project. In other words: There's no feature-length movie or Netflix series in the works here (for now). As for the inspiration behind the demake, Shankar talks about the child solider angle, and fighting for "an intergalactic figure...in a tube," (referring to Zordon) in a second video found here.

Source: io9


eh ...

the 'gritty reboot' thing is over down and really, I'm just kinda of really tired of seeing it.

Lunar Templar:
eh ...

the 'gritty reboot' thing is over down and really, I'm just kinda of really tired of seeing it.

Agreed, it's the one thing I DIDN'T want this to be. I've had enough seriousness in my out-there movies, why can't the movies which are based on light-hearted source material have a light-hearted tone?

The grimdark thing is only good when the original franchise hinted at that stuff to begin with, IMO. Like Batman and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. But I admit that the ending blew me away.

I had... three thoughts as I watched this.
1) Jame van Der Beek is still acting?
2) Shane whatever must really like this work... oh, that's Youtube watermarking his video for him.
3) Mighty Morphing Power Rangers IS THE LAST PLACE I would expect to see a grim dark reboot. Oh, good, I'm not the only one?

You know I was pretty skeptical before seeing the video, but I actually liked it.
Don't remember Power Rangers too well though, so maybe that has something to do with it.

Gritty doesn't work with Power Rangers, but I couldn't help but find it entertaining. I just found it hilarious.

I liked the whole "fighting as kids fucked them up" stick.. because lets face it... fighting intergalactic monstrosities to the death every other week is going to have its toll on your brain if youre just a teenager. Not to mention its seriously gonna fuck up your live ... no relationships out of fear of getting them hurt/being away randomly at awkward times to save the earth from space mutants. School grades going to shit because youre to tired to study because you where fighting giant robots all day long. All the trauma from getting beaten up every other day and being tossed around like a rackdoll.

Sure the idea was cool in the 90s but nowadays i kinda find zordon really dubious... recruiting a bunch of teenager to fight an array of increasingly powerfull intergalactic megalomaniacs for him.

Damn, I haven't seen Powers Rangers in ages, why the hell can I still remember all their names and roles?

All in all, I enjoyed watching it. I don't know if I'd watch an entire movie of this, but I've never been able to conjure up the hate for something getting the 'Twisted Metal: Black'-treatment like some other people do.

Also, you have a grimdark reboot of Power Rangers and you didn't include Lord Zed? I mean, come on, the guy already looked like an aborted H.R. Giger project!

Yeah, this was ten pounds of "Fuck No!" in a two pound bag. -_-

First off, "Unsanctioned Reboot is The Power Rangers Movies We All Want"? Making a lot of assumptions there, aren't we, boy-o?

Now, if Joseph Kahn and Adi Shankar's reason for this short was to be a parody of Hollywood's bad decisions of making childhood properties into grim & gritty movies, then this definitely fell short. As a fan of Power Rangers, I didn't find it "over the top funny" or anything like that. Between its over-excessive use of violence and swearing, I found it to be insulting and a complete waste of time and effort IMO. You can poke fun at the concept of "an alien being giving teenagers super-powers" but you better know how to do it right or you're going to end up with a joke not many people will find funny. And, judging from comments I found online, it looks like the majority missed the point and took it at face value. Great, now the village idiots of America will want a shit MMPR reboot for twats because they think its what everyone wants. Can we not give Hollywood anymore bad ideas to run into the ground, for crying out loud? They have enough of those already.

Don't think for a minute I have something against the people behind this. I enjoyed the Punisher: Laundry Day short. However, there are certain properties that don't work being made grim & gritty and Power Rangers is one of them. Yes, the idea of making underage children (or 20-somethings playing the part of teenagers, for that matter) into soldiers is one of the worst ideas humanity has made in the long, sad history of bad ideas. Still, you can take the concept I mentioned one paragraph ago and make it work without having to go Frank Miller on its ass.

My theory, if I was in the director's chair of the MMPR reboot, is that Zordon would not employ kids to be soldiers. He would have a team of trained adults already established watching over our solar system. At the same time, he would have another plan to search for teenagers who fit proper qualities to become a Power Ranger (I.E. ability to think of possible ideas to resolve a situation other than fighting, having a strong mortal compass to wield the powers responsibly, and so on) but would select them once they reached a mature age and only take them if they accept on their own free will. However, Rita and her forces would take out the current Power Rangers and close off any kind of rescue from other planets. With the Earth being invaded and no other way to get help from outside forces, this would leave Zordon with no choice but to initiate his back-up plan and use his teen selections to fight this battle temporarily. I'm not saying this is the best idea but its an idea that doesn't take the grim & gritty detour.

I don't know what Lionsgate and Saban Brand have in store for the upcoming reboot. I really wish they would offer us some news like yesterday. But I hope to God its a hell of a lot better than the train wreck I now regret watching.

I'm... of a split mind about this. On one hand, it's an interesting concept (and if you think about it, fighting an intergalactic war would be the kind of thing that'd seriously fuck up a teenager), but on the other... do we really need a darker and edgier Power Rangers story?

...Okay, Power Rangers RPM was kinda dark, but it balanced that out with hanging a few lampshades on how silly the show can get.

Fuck it, I'm gonna watch Linkara's Power Rangers retrospectives again, maybe that'll cheer me up.

I could only watch like... 6 minutes of it before just... no...

I'll gladly excuse myself from the "All" that wanted this.

I'm not impressed, in the slightest.


I fast forwarded a bit to see this interesting ending someone mentioned... Meh... but I did notice something...

4 minutes of this "15 minute short" is credits.

Really... it's an 11 minute short.

There is that film being produced by lionsgate, slated for a 2016 release,


but yeh, this looks amazing.

I love the new take on it and the spin at the end, was great!

Title should be all we don't want. It was just straight up horrible. Even as a satire it completely misses the point and spirit of Power Rangers/Super Sentai. I really hope Lionsgate sees this and decides that this is the direction they should take the film in.

Since I hate dark and gritty reboots of things, this does not thrill me.

Really?!? Power Rangers?!? Grim-dark!?!?


This is the last bit of childhood nostalgia I wouldn't want destroyed by making it "grim n' gritty". Why can't we have light-hearted nonsense?

I liked when it was that Mortal Kombat "realistic" reboot because it made some sense but this is just dumb, its as if they made a dark Doraemon or something.

This was, interesting....
It was kinda awesome, aside from the rangers weilding guns in the intro, the CGI being crap at certain points and the f*$%ing dubstep... seriously wil dubstep please just die already.

But this is not what I would want a Power Rangers movie to be like.

Come to think of it, if this wasn't attached to the Power Rangers this would make a pretty decent movie on its own.

As a fun little non-profit short, this is some harmless fun that's extremely well-made and quasi-deconstructs elements of the source material imaginatively (though not flawlessly; Power Rangers wielding assault rifles on a war-torn battlefield looks ridiculous - not in a way the filmmakers were going for, either - and things like the Black Ranger snorting coke while bikini-clad women have sex in the background were extremely gratuitous). But to suggest that a genuine film adaptation of Power Rangers should seek to emulate this style? Absolutely not. I have basically no familiarity with Power Rangers, and even I know that would be a horrendous idea, for the same reasons pretty much everyone here has already outlined. Still, thanks for bringing it to my attention!

God you Escapist nerds can be such sticks in the mud. I found this hilarious and can only hope the actual movie does this and goes way beyond. I just want to see them completely miss the mark and jump the shark then come back around and run over it.

All I could think was "What an insane waste of talent and time," while I watched this. It wasn't even funny. In fact, from what you guys are saying, maybe it wasn't meant to be, which I find saaaaaaaaad.

Chester Rabbit:
God you Escapist nerds can be such sticks in the mud. I found this hilarious and can only hope the actual movie does this and goes way beyond. I just want to see them completely miss the mark and jump the shark then come back around and run over it.

I'm right there with ya

Agreed, I like the Marvel movies mainly because despite the story, there's some form of humor in it. A darker version of Power Rangers, eh? Then look up Kamen Rider, because despite the campiness of the earlier shows, (from what I've heard) it has some rather well done stories. I've even heard some say it's kind of like Power Rangers, only for young adults. Also, is the quote button working for anyone else? Because it isn't for me.

That was...so-so.

Keep in mind, the director has stated that it isn't meant to be taken as a pitch.* That said, I don't think it's that good a deconstruction of the source material - I've seen the concept done much better.**

I will say that I like the costume design, the choreography at the end was okay, as was the plot twist at the end. And the mech fight at the start, short as it was, was pretty sweet.

*See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDKR_2HqymU
**And see https://www.youtube.com/user/GrittyReboots/videos

Mnnnnehhhh, not a fan of this.

I was actually interested in seeing the video when I read the article at work, because I think that Power Rangers does actually have the potential to make a very interesting 'darker parody,' (likely, at this point, fanfiction,) taking a look at individual elements that the show glosses over. In particular, the whole child soldier angle discussed had me VERY interested, as I was sort of picturing the Rangers being this utterly indoctrinated, naive group whose supposed benefactor Zordon used as pawns for his own purposes, but to whom they are too devoted to really question.

With a concept such as that, the Rangers would have fought all these monsters to protect the Earth, only Zordon's true purposes were really to put the screws to his enemies, and it could have led somewhere interesting. More specifically, a slippery slope when the enemies become less and less 'evil,' and more 'just guys who pissed Zordon off two thousand years ago,' perhaps even resulting in an honest-to-goodness NICE alien race looking to form an alliance with Earth, only... NOPE, ZORDON SAYS NO, TO TEH ZORDS GUYS!!!11 To the point where the Earth itself is trying to call for these overly determined 'Teenagers With Attitude' to stand the Jebas down and stop slaughtering all the diplomatic spaceships, even as Zordon, shifty-eyed in his tube, insists 'No, the evil Bractoids have, uh, brainwashed the governments! For the sake of the Earth, you must stop them, Rangers! Here, NEW Zords! SO SHINY!'

But this... it's like when a kid wants to be cool, so he pulls off increasingly over-the-top and bizarre things to try and look cool, only comes off as desperate. o.O They made their 'Dark and Gritty' remake so Dark and so Gritty it actually comes off as inadvertantly comical, but not even in a parodically comedic way, but rather a disbelieving 'Did they seriously pull that nonesence?' I mean, Power Rangers with machine guns? ...SERIOUSLY? o_O The scene I think would have actually been fine if they'd just given them, at the very least, the plastic-y overly colorful death laser weapons they've sometimes used. Use laser beams! Let the bright, almost cartoony Sentai-flashy-weapon effects clash with the darker setting. And I counted maybe three 'blood splattering the camera' shots in the video? Would have been a fitting bit of 'punch' for the climax battle, but tossing them in during the Black Ranger scene just seemed a tad unnecessary.

And then the idea of gray-area ethics, (measuring whether maybe the Power Rangers, as they were in the show, were really brainwashed soldiers,) gets thrown out of the window by VERY clearly drawing lines on just who the bad guys are. (Basically, anyone who doesn't act like the Power Rangers of olden times, which is nearly everyone.) For all of Rocky's talk about not pretending their side stood on some moral high ground... well, despite not seeing much of the Rangers' side back before the video's present time, it kind of suggests they actually DID. Before most of them turned dickish post-Earth-loss. Even Tommy, the one guy who didn't 'turn to the dark side,' seems to be held up as a more noble character because he didn't join the Machine Empire.

I dunno, I think I was just kind of hoping it would be a deconstruction of the Rangers as they WERE in the show, trying to keep them close to how they were portayed in it, but with just enough subtext to suggest that, really, they might not have been as much the good guys as you thought. Instead, it sort of just served to romanticize the Rangers, and opt for the 'Let's Make It Look Kind Of Like Watchmen! Grim violent hobo, group has disbanded, former heroes getting hunted down, most heroes are kinda jerks, lotsa blood and hot women!'

....that hip hop kido bit was hilarious, though. xD Kind of a shame they didn't keep him at that state, the former world-saving hero and warrior essentially forced to pay the bills by making overly cheerful exercise videos, basically going through the mother of all mid-life crises.

This would have been really cool if it was it's own thing instead of power rangers, but honestly this felt too much like "trying too hard" for me to really enjoy. By the time it got to the Bulk and Skull bit, I felt like I was watching something Todd McFarlane ripped out of his diary.

I... I liked parts of it. I liked concepts within it, I liked the feel it produces but I can not accept it as Power Rangers. It wasn't the grim darkness of it that bugged me, but the inconsistency to the source material that stood out the most to me. The first thing that sat poorly was the use of real guns throughout. I'd have seriously enjoyed it more if they used more fantasy elements to the weapons. It didn't seem influenced enough by the source material to be a proper homage.

Or transformers

I can't see what other people see for the life of me. It's already an over-used concept. Dark and serious reboots have been done to death, and these actors stink (or maybe they're just not using them right). Also where is the movie magic? Nothing special sticks out. I get all my surprises from flash videos now instead.

I thought this was *great*. It wasn't trying to be serious, and it succeeded. I laughed my ass off. I loved all the little mythology jokes and shout-outs. My only regret is that at no point was there a Zord fight! I really wanted to see their take on a zord fight. XD

Loads of blood and dropping the word fuck all the time does not gritty make. The Sweeny was gritty, The Professionals was gritty. This is fucking juvenile and worst of all, a waste of talent because every other part of the set and visual design was pretty damn good - a sort of cross between Deus Ex and Mass Effect.

Also, weren't the Rangers all like 17-18 in Mighty Morphin'?


Lunar Templar:
eh ...

the 'gritty reboot' thing is over down and really, I'm just kinda of really tired of seeing it.

Agreed, it's the one thing I DIDN'T want this to be. I've had enough seriousness in my out-there movies, why can't the movies which are based on light-hearted source material have a light-hearted tone?

As just a fan film on the net I liked it. Heck the zord stuff at the very beginning. That can stay in the real movie. The rest of it. Just no. If this were to be the official Lionsgate movie I would say no. I wouldn't go. I've been a fan of this for day 1. Heck Jason David Frank thought it was very meh but also shared his thoughts on what Power Rangers should be. i.e. It should play to kids and heck at this point now adult fans but it needs to play to kids most. As in he can sit down and watch it with his daughter. This apparently isn't Saban approved which is why its getting taken down everywhere. Everything Jason does with Tommy outside the show has apparently been Saban approved liked the Superpower beat down and stuff.

Frankly I think with enough respect Power Rangers can become a world wide phenomenon again. Yes it only existed to sell toys but several seasons of the show have had brilliant fight choreography, good characters, and sometimes even brilliant writing and acting. There's enough lore and places to go with it that if you wanted to you could make a Power Rangers Cinematic Universe. You can chop off the fat of the series, focus it, and maybe even eventually give Marvel a run for their money. Heck the end of a "phase 1" could be the transition to Zeo.

I just liked the part were they are fighting on the ground with the robots fighting in the background, it gives a sence of scale, and instead of them just fighting a skirmish they are really fighting a big battle.

Although them fireing F2000s seemed odd, they have lazer guns and stuff.

I thought it was pretty sweet in a 'brain firmly off' kind of way. Unquestionably stupid, but in a decidedly enjoyable manner.

Would have liked to have seen the other Rangers fighting while morphed though. The Black Ranger's action scene was pretty awesome, just a shame it's the only morphed fight we saw. Would have also loved to have seen the Megazord... Or, at least more of it if that was supposed to be the Megazord in the first thirty seconds of the short. Wasted potential that was if that was indeed everybody's favourate super robot costume.

Mr. Q:

I don't know what Lionsgate and Saban Brand have in store for the upcoming reboot. I really wish they would offer us some news like yesterday. But I hope to God its a hell of a lot better than the train wreck I now regret watching.

Whatever does happen I don't think it'll be this. Jason David Frank posted a video earlier today giving hit thoughts on the film and he said that apparently things done in live action outside of the series itself has to be Saban approved. Like that super power beat down or whatever. This was not and is being assailed by Saban actually. So I'd say whatever does happen, given this knowledge, Power Rangers won't go this far down the Frank Miller rabbit hole at least and that has to count for something.

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