Nine Year Old Codes iPhone App

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Nine Year Old Codes iPhone App


A nine year old Malaysian boy has written a finger-painting application for Apple's iPhone. As if the world didn't already have plenty of ways to make you feel inadequate.

Lim Ding Win, who lives in Singapore with his family, has created the Doodle Kids application, which lets iPhone users create works of art with just their fingers. The application, originally written for his two younger sisters, has been downloaded over 4,000 times from the iTunes store.

Ding Win first started using a computer when he was two years old, discovered programming at age seven and is now fluent in six programming languages. Ding Wim's father, Lim Thye Chean, who also writes iPhone applications, downplayed his son's achievements: "Ding Wen is an above average boy with an interest in computers, especially Apple IIGS and Macs, likes to do programming, and that's it. Doodle Kids is an extremely simple program that can be done by anybody. Everybody can program - if Ding Wen can, so can you."

Sure, whatever you say Mr. Lim. I'll be over here, feeling sorry for myself.

Source: BBC


"An above average boy", is he? Oh, what a doting father. I'm sure it's hard to be objective when all you want to do is show everyone how amazing your son is, but let's try to tone down the incessant praise, shall we?

Still, that's quite impressive. And the thing about a nine-year-old writing an iphone application for his younger sisters is adorable.

Smart kid. Although I'm sure that anyone could have programmed this if they put the effort in, it's still impressive to see someone so young programming at this level. Almost makes me want to learn a more useful programming language than the one my school teaches.

i now feel like a total dumbass. thanks.

This is why I want to do creative stuff, So I can still say "I'm in the electronic entertainment industry" ofcourse just in a different division. This kid has collectively made alot of people around the world consider starting primary in Singapore.

if Ding Wen can, so can you

It sounds like this kid is going to develop a terrible inferiority complex.


if Ding Wen can, so can you

It sounds like this kid is going to develop a terrible inferiority complex.

Yeah, pretty much. Anyway, I see a bright future for the kid, seeing as he is already fluent in 6 programming languages.

I sense the Asian stereotypes developing.

Above-average my massive ego.
This kid is more computer-literate than I will ever be, and I'm not sure if I should be glad for him or disappointed in myself.

I'll write a proper comment once I finish gathering up the remains of my jaw from the floor. I'm finishing university and I'm only on 3 and all of them are C morphisms.

i will have to check the app. and well, what will be a videogame made by him?

My god, that kid is awesome.

Don't like the dad though; he should be getting praised accordingly.

Hard.. to.. hold.. back.. racism.

It had to be for the iPhone right?

average my ass. nice program, but srsly.

Wait, if he can program an app at 9 he's not average. I wonder if he ever goes out side?

Great now i have to learn to do this to in order to regain my pride

I still feel good about myself. My lazy is stronger then you, evil 9 year old.

He uses an apple IIgs?

Awesome. It's great to know there are such people with incredible talent.

Dammit I was feeling proud of my ability to make Java text based video games but now I feel all stupid again.

Way to bring me down...

Seriously though, I dont' like the Dad, maybe he's just jealous?

I sense the Asian stereotypes developing.

It just had to be a nine year old Asian kid that programmed an iPhone application, didn't it? Talk about enforcing negative stereotypes....


Sure, whatever you say Mr. Lim. I'll be over here, feeling sorry for myself.

I have had trouble turning on my computer, I shit you not.

I feel bad, damn child prodigies "I graduated from university at 12!!" little bastards >:I

But, past that good on him, now all he has to do is convince girls that he's cool...dammit, he made it for his sisters, he can play the loving brother card.


Lim Ding Win is his name.
he would be worth nothing if it would be Lim Ding Fail :)

(that's just jealousy talking, ignore that prick)

Ya know the second I read the title before I even opened the thread I knew it was going to be a asian kid.

"Ding Wen is an above average boy with an interest in computers, especially Apple IIGS and Macs

The two statements counter each other. I think if you had studied code for two years, this sort of app would be easy, but as none of us has experiance in this it seems incredible. You gota remember that when your his age, you have the free time to dedicate yourself to something like that - not many people choose to though (I'm not suprised). I'm sure he'll go far.

Wow, that does make me feel a little stupid. That's some pretty impressive shit from a 9 year old though.

That is pretty amazing to be honest but when I was 9 I was still burying my head in candcastles and such.

I have a horrible feeling that this thread could be locked if one troll comes in and sparks an asian debate.

On Topic: Wow, kudos to the kid. If he's been learning programming for 2 years, think where he's going to be in 10 years. 'Above average' my ass.

wow he achieved something ive always dreamed of doing at the age of nine.. I have been put to shame, I wish they taught us more about programming in school.

doh, wish i could do programming so well :) i'm stuggeling writing a programm that reads temperatures off a file and then sorts them :P hate java :(

It'll pass when he hits 13. He'll run away from the shackles tying him to the computer at home and live on the streets for 2 years before being picked up by the Chinese military. He'll be outsourced to Africa where he'll go AWOL and make a rich, bountiful living far away from his home setting up 6kb Dial-up networks in small African towns.

Eventually he'll remember his family, and return home only to find them gone. Vanished. With all their possessions still in place, he'll take a seat at his good ol' reliable (Mary), and start typing away in epic movie style. He'll trace his family through the massive interconnecting series of tubes that is the internet, picking up every last scrap of information, every word, every picture, every little pixel. In the Pentagon, the Kremlin, and Other government databases. He'll slowly become misguided, straying from his original pure goals. At the sight of all this secret governmental information, he will shit bricks. He'll slowly begin to realise his power and write a program to hack into all the missile guidance systems in the world and allow him to re-direct them mid flight. He'll manipulate the world's media: Newspapers, Reuters, websites to spark off World War Three.

His choice now lies in either the path of good or the path of evil. His unknown position of power (in his bedroom) over the world's ballistic and flight capability gives him ultimate control over the fate of humanity. He's doing this now, as I speak. He was a great man once, but now I fear for us all. Pray, all of you, Pray he's still the man he used to be, for your own sake if no-one else's. He controls everything you see, hear, and know, only now does he give us a glimpse of his existence, leading fools to extrapolate crackpot theories. This boy, supposedly of 9. Has control over your fate, and the fate of the world. He controls what you hear, see, and ultimately what you know. Your memories, your friends, your loves. He is Big Brother, he is God.

At least when the power's up.

I am trying so hard to come up with a comment that accurately reflects my anti-iPhone stance, but that was an impressive enough project to make me ignore my sentiments temporarily.

Pity he's developing for the iPhone and not for a platform which works. Ah, there I go again - but he would have had to program in Objective-C, and that is most likely not the best language that he's learned. I want to see him do something in C++.

hey lok my kid can say his ABCs!

my $ is on that he cybertetically enhanced that kid or used supergenious sperm and inseminated his wife while she slept.

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