Underworld Ascendant Reaches Kickstarter Goal, Breaks $600K

Underworld Ascendant Reaches Kickstarter Goal, Breaks $600K

OtherSide Entertainment has reached its $600,000 goal for its Underworld Ascendant Kickstarter.

Less than a month ago, Ultima Underworld developer Paul Neuarth, along with the other members of OtherSide Entertainment, launched a Kickstarter to fund Underworld Ascendant, a spiritual successor to the classic Ultima Underworld games. Promising a deep role-playing experience complete with a unique "Improvisation Engine," the team hoped to raise $600,000 to fund the game's development. It's a goal that OtherSide can now say they've achieved.

With only six days left in its crowdfunding campaign, Underworld Ascendant pushed past its Kickstarter goal earlier today. Addressing the project's success in an update, Neuarth expressed that the studio was "honored" by the support of its 10,000+ backers. "We're humbled," said Neuarth. "Honored to have your support. And, to be honest, a bit relieved that we actually did reach the milestone. The team is incredibly excited that we can now make the game we have so passionately wanted to make for 20 years, and do it together with you."

Ascendant's next stretch goal is $650,000 and will unlock a new game area called the Underswamp. After that, new stretch goals will be unlocked at $50,000 intervals. Once released, the game itself will "plunge [players] into the Stygian Abyss," a massive subterranean fantasy world where they'll contend with "dynamic" factions and develop their own character using a variety of skills, abilities and classes that can be mixed and match as needed. With the aforementioned Improvisation Engine, OtherSide also hopes to give players the ability to devise their own solution to the game's challenges rather than shoehorning them into a series of pre-made answers. No specific release date has yet been announced for the game, but the Kickstarter's rewards are promising the delivery of digital copies by November 2016.

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Awesome, I sank so many hours into Underworld I & II and found myself with an itch that needed scratching in that genre.

I might have to go back and replay them now, the first survival games...

Good series, but I do hope they bring the game up to proper control standards and don't nostalgia bait on the old clunky UI. The game was great in 1992 because there was literally nothing else like it at the time, but now we've got a ton of games that have similar design such as the Elder Scrolls games.


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